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Join Us for IANDS's Conference in Salt Lake City!
Timeless Oneness: The Luminous Message of Near-Death & Related Experiences
September 1-4, 2022 ~ Salt Lake City, UT 

The Conference will take place in person and online.

Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) and related experiences often activate profound enduring changes in attitudes, mindset, and new or intensified spiritual growth. A core element of these experiences is timeless and ageless: Oneness. Oneness is often a transcendent state which may result in the elimination of division, judgmental attitudes, and self-righteousness. Oneness may also diminish feelings of conflict, alienation, fear of punishment, and death. Oneness experiences typically overcome the constructs of linear time and may result in caring for others—including strangers—and practicing universal compassion and unconditional love on a daily basis. The message of Oneness is Luminous—it glows with the essence of Love.


All presenters, co-presenters, and panelists must complete this form by the deadline: February 3, 2022 at 11:59pm EST. To maintain fairness, no exceptions are allowed. Decisions will be made by Friday, April 30, 2022.

1) login to your IANDS account or set up an account and then login; 2) click on second link to see the conference proposal form; 3) Be sure to read the important information on the form before you start and complete it fully and press the blue submit button on the form.


2022 IANDS Symposium: NDEs & the mind-brain relationship

Online, Friday-Sunday, Feb. 11-13, 11:00 am-4:30 pm EST

Is the human mind a product of the brain, or is mind essentially independent of the brain although closely associated with it during physical existence?

Days 1 and 2 - Experts in near-death experiences (NDEs), psi phenomena, past-life memories, shared-death experiences, terminal lucidity, evidential mediumship, veridical after-death communication (ADC), neurological evidence, and philosophical considerations.
Day 3 - Experiencers and practitioners: physician NDErs, an evidential medium, induced ADC therapists, and out-of-body/astral projection experiencers.

All three half days: $30.00 IANDS members, $50.00 non-members
See more details here
Registration is Now Open!

Dr. Kenneth Ring, IANDS Co-Founder Launches New Book

Ken Ring book cover Reflections

IANDS Co-Founder, Kenneth Ring, PhD, released new book: REFLECTIONS IN A GLASS EYE: Essays in the Time of COVID
In these lively and often witty essays, Dr. Kenneth Ring, best known for his pioneering work on near-death experiences, reveals his talents as a Kenny-come-lately humorist and would-be man of letters. Now in his mid-80s, this book shows he has lost none of his verve for writing on a range of subjects as diverse as they are entertaining.  Kenneth Ring, PhD is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Connecticut, author of five books on NDEs, including his bestselling Lessons from the Light, cofounder and first president of the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS).
Review by Nancy Clark of Ohio on Amazon: After reading Reflections In a Glass Eye by one of the most influential near-death experience researchers of all time, Kenneth Ring, PhD, I figured I should tell you how great it is. Unlike many of his near-death research books, Dr. Ring has now written a book that masterfully draws the curtain on the true nature of his character, his intellect, and his private and public personas. Humorous anecdotes, poignant encounters, and touching narratives breathe life into this no-holds barred collection of essays that is a joy to read. Kenneth Ring has an amazing gift of writing that touches the reader's heart and delights the soul. I love this book and so will you! 

View More or Purchase Here 

Welcome to IANDS!

Welcome to IANDS 4

Founded in 1981, IANDS is a membership-based, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that promotes research, education, and support around near-death experiences and related experiences. Our mission is to advance a global understanding of these experiences. We envision a future in which all people embrace near-death and related experiences as sources of meaning and inspiration for a better world. 

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Near-Death Experience Accounts

Near-Death Experience Accounts

On this website you will find near-death experience accounts (and NDE-like accounts) submitted by experiencers. These first-hand testimonies offer compelling insights and perspectives about consciousness and what happens after we die. You can also see more NDE accounts on our YouTube Channel (IANDSVideos) and in the IANDS publication, The Self Does Not Die.

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IANDS on YouTube

IANDS YouTube Channel

We add a video to IANDS’s YouTube channel every week. Subcribe to IANDSVideos and ring the bell to be notified when we post a new videos.

A New Scale to Assess Near-Death Experiences -- Commentary


Abstract: An expanded scale, the Near-Death Experience Content (NDE-C) scale, has been developed by Charlotte Martial and colleagues (2020) to assess near-death experiences (NDEs). The scale was modeled after the existing NDE Scale (Greyson, 1983), using reworded scale items, and added five additional items, notably items about a gateway or tunnel and a feeling of non-existence or fear. NDE-C uses a rating scale of 0–4 for each item and thus ranges from 0 to 80. In this article, we raise concerns that several of the reworded items appear to have changed the meaning of NDE Scale item and appear to be significantly more prevalent or less prevalent than the original item, as demonstrated in a Rasch statistical analysis of the NDE-C results. We suggest wording changes for these items so that they return to their original context and meaning. [This page is an abbreviated version of the full article PDF, which can be downloaded here.]

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Reckoning: Discoveries after a Traumatic NDE by Nancy Evans Bush

Reckoning Nancy Evans Bush Book

Reckoning: Discoveries after a Traumatic Near-Death Experience

A devastating near-death experience--a disempowering NDE of the Void--overturned the certainties and worldview of Nancy Evans Bush, a young teacher and new mother. Decades later, recognized as a trusted pioneer in research of distressing near-death experiences, she writes for the first time about her long struggle to come to terms with the experience. In this third book, she looks at reconciling foundational beliefs with the powerful messages of a strange and otherworldly NDE. The unexpected, sometimes humorous, often synchronistic discoveries point beyond herself to challenges and reassurance for everyone.

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Closing the Gap in Medical Care for NDErs

VOICES Close the Gap Resources
Those who have a near-death experience struggle with sharing this information with their healthcare providers, family members, and others. Some struggle to make sense of the experience, mainly if they are unaware that others have reported similar accounts. Though it’s challenging to explain near-death experiences scientifically, they happen to millions of people and often leave individuals profoundly changed for the remainder of their lives. Studies have found that 10 – 20% of people who are resuscitated after nearly dying have an out-of-body experience accompanied by various perceptions such as traveling through a tunnel of light, feeling loved, or being received by deceased loved ones. Most NDEs are highly positive experiences, but a percentage describe a negative experience, which can be traumatizing to patients.

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