Executive Committee of the Board

Pg 3 Jan Holden photo Janice Holden, EdD, LPC-S, ACMHP - President (2020)
Residence: Texas
Occupation: NDE researcher; Professor Emerita of Counseling, University of North Texas, Denton (1988-2019)
Experience: IANDS member, 1985-present; IANDS Board, 2000-2006; IANDS Secretary, 2003; IANDS President, 2004-2006; Dallas-Fort Worth Friends of IANDS founder and leader, 2002-present; Editor, Journal of Near-Death Studies, 2008-present; IANDS Board, 2020-present
Martin Tanner Martin Tanner, JD - Vice President (2021)
Residence: Utah

Occupation: Mediator, Consultant and Radio Talk Show Host   Experience: IANDS member; Salt Lake City IANDS Board of Directors; IANDS Board, 2020-present; IANDS Governance Committee chair, 2020-present
robertmays2  Robert Mays, BSc - Treasurer (2020)
Residence: North Carolina
Occupation: NDE researcher (consciousness, veridical perceptions), retired Senior Software Engineer, retired science teacher
Experience: IANDS member; Finance, Publications, Research, Technology, & Website Committees; IANDS Board member and Treasurer: 2009-2018, 2020-present
Photograph of Janet Melcher Janet Melcher, PhD, LISW-S - Secretary (2021)
Residence: Ohio
Occupation: University of Cincinnati School of Social Work 1990-present; UCS SSW BSW Field Coordinator
Experience: IANDS Board, 2020-present

Other Board Members


Deborah Conner new Board member 

Deborah Conner, MA
Residence: Nova Scotia, Canada
Occupation: The Wisdom of Us founder & Coach; Reiki practitioner.
Experience: IANDS member, 2017-present; IANDS Board Member, 2023; Development Chair 2023

 Bob Coppes v3 Bob Coppes, PhD
Residence: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Occupation: NDE Researcher; Author
Experience: IANDS member, 2002-present; IANDS Board Member, 2023; International Groups Coordinator 2023-present
2021 Daniel Endy Daniel Endy, BSCE
Residence: South Carolina
Occupation: Acognita, Inc. Founder
Experience: IANDS member, 2015-present; IANDS Board Member, 2019, 2021-present; Technical Committee 2019; Website Committee 2021-present
Angela Harris pic Angela Harris, BAEd
Residence: North Carolina
Occupation: Educator, Non-Profit Leader, Wellness Coach
Experience: IG&E Director 2021-2023, IANDS Board Member, 2023-present
Photograph of Debbie James Debbie James, MSN, RN, CCRN-K
Residence: Texas
Occupation: Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist
Experience: IANDS Board, 1995-2008, 2011-2017, 2020-present; IANDS Conference Coordinator, 1996-2006, 2010; IANDS Conference Co-Chair, 2021; Education Committee Co-Chair, 2020-present; Ethics Committee Co-Chair, 2020-present
79 David Maginley David Maginley, MA, MDiv., CSCP
Residence: Nova Scotia, Canada
Occupation: Spiritual Care Practitioner, Therapist, Author, retired Palliative Care Chaplain
Experience: IANDS member, 2012-present, Ethics Committee, 2023-present, IANDS Board Member, 2024-present
Evan Mecham resume pic Evan Mecham, MA
Residence: Colorado
Occupation: President & Founder of Conversations to Heal the Heart - Transpersonal Therapies
Experience: IANDS Groups Coordinator, IANDS Board Member, 2023-present
Maryann Sperry

Maryann Sperry, BAEd, BABA
Residence: Colorado
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Experience: Marketing/Media, Vital Signs Graphic Designer, IANDS Board Member, 2022-present


Susan Amsden sm Susan Amsden, BSc
Residence: North Carolina
IANDS Office Manager; Editor of Vital Signs; New Groups Mentor; Durham RT IANDS Group Leader
Occupation: Business Specialist
Experience: IANDS staff, Tucson & Mesa IANDS Group Co-Leader 2010-2015; Durham RT IANDS Group Leader, 2015-present; IANDS Board, 2018-2022.
 Teresa Goodwin Blemings

Teresa Goodwin Blemings, BA, RN
Residence: North Carolina
IANDS Office Assistant 
Occupation: Death Doula
Experience: IANDS staff 2024-current.



brucegreyson2 Bruce Greyson, MD
IANDS co-founder; IANDS Past President; Consulting Editor, Journal of Near-Death Studies
Residence: Virginia
Occupation: Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry
Experience: IANDS Board, 1981-1992; Editor, Journal of Near-Death Studies, 1982-2008 (26 years!)
66 Marjorie Woollacott Marjorie Woollacott, PhD
Director of Research
Occupation: Professor Emerita of Neuroscience, University of Oregon
Researcher in the field of rehabilitation, cognition, & meditation
Katie Connolly Katie Connolly, CPA
Media Council
Residence: Colorado
Occupation: Certified Public Accountant
Served since 2017

Delaine Deal, BA
Conference Committee
Residence: Colorado
Occupation: Events Coordinator

Kristin Mismash 

Kristin Mismash
Conference Committee
Residence: Utah
Occupation: Events Coordinator Assistant 

Walt Scotson 

Walt Scotson
Residence: Montana
Experience: Volunteer Coordinator