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IANDS supports and encourages research in the field of near-death studies by:

If you are writing a paper on the near-death experience, we have resources here.

Student Research Competitions

IANDS supports students at universities who are interested in performing research on the nature of NDEs, their transformational effects, the applications of this knowledge to health care and counseling, and other related topics.

Here are student research competitions that encourage and support such research projects:

For students writing a term paper on near-death experiences (university or high school level), please see this article listing resources.

IANDS Graduate Student Research Award Competition

IANDS Graduate Student Research Award Competition

Graduate students may propose a graduate-level research project on near-death experiences (NDEs) or similar/related experiences, their transformational effects, and other related topics. The award is for a possible total of $1,000, with $500 awarded to the student at the onset of the research project and an additional $500 awarded if the project is published in the Journal of Near-Death Studies.

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Announcing: Galileo Commission Student Essay Prize for 2021

Galileo Commission

The Galileo Commission has announced the Student Essay Prize for 2021 addressing the evidence and arguments relating to consciousness beyond the brain. They welcome submissions from undergraduates under the age of 23. Prizes range from £500 to £100. Closing date for essay submission is midnight BST on September 15, 2021.

Important Studies

Included here are articles about research that is of special interest in the field of near-death studies.


Research Requests

Researchers are looking for volunteers to participate in the following new studies



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