Overview of the IANDS Ethics Process

Ethics Documents and How to Access the Ethics Committee


The IANDS Board of Directors has defined a set of Ethical Standards for the entire organization, including the leaders, members, groups, on-line participants, and volunteers.

We have appointed an Ethics Committee and a Process for evaluating an Ethical Complaint. An Ethical Complaint is brought to the Ethics Committee by submitting a Report of an Ethical Concern.

There is a designated member of the Ethics Committee who will receive all complaints. That person is reached through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The Ethical Concern may then generate a request for a response from the person who is the subject of the Ethics concern, and there is a specific form to be used, the Response to an Ethical Concern Form.

Currently, the IANDS Ethics Committee is made up of:

  • Co-Chairs Rebecca Valla and Debbie James
  • David Maginley
  • Rebecca Austill-Clausen
  • Jim Fisher

We do not yet have a nonprofessional member to represent the lay public. There is an Ethics Committee Member Application form which you may send if you have an interest in serving on the Ethics Committee.

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