2024 IANDS Conference in Phoenix, Arizona


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Announcing our next in-person and live-streamed conference in Phoenix, Arizona from August 28 through September 1, 2024!  We are accepting speaker proposals now! Deadline to Submit a Proposal is Monday, February 26, 2024, by 5:00 pm ET. No Extensions. Only complete entries will be considered. All presenters must attend in person, recordings of presentations will not be accepted. More information is on the conference website at https://conference.iands.org

2023 IANDS Spring Symposium - Nursing CNE available

2023 IANDS Spring Symposium

FULL DETAILS OF THE SPRING SYMPOSIUM HERE: https://symposium.iands.org/


Video-on-demand of the 2023 IANDS Spring Symposium is now available. The general audience cost for the entire 5.5-hour program is $25 for members, $35 for non-members, and $15 for students. Until April 22, 2024, nurses may earn CNE by attending the Symposium virtually at their convenience and completing the Program Evaluation. This activity has been approved for 5.25 Contact Hours. Emergency Nurses Association is accredited as an approver of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. The cost is $50. Register here.

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Impressions of Near-Death Experiences is now available

Impressions FrontBookCoverRobert Christophor Coppes, PhDIANDS Publications is pleased to announce the publication of Robert Christophor (Bob) Coppes' book Impressions of Near-Death Experiences. In this book, Coppes presents many hundreds of quotes from more than 100 experiencers from all over the world. By organizing these excerpts into categories, he gives the reader a more in-depth and nuanced impression of the near-death experience (NDE). NDEs come alive and this effect multiplies as the reader progresses through the book. The message from these stories will touch a truth that is deep within you—an inner core that you can trust.

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IANDS Membership Prices Will Increase 10% January 1, 2024

IANDS membership prices will Increase by 10% on January 1, 2024. This is the first membership price increase since 2006 and coincides with increased member benefits for all levels that we introduced in July 2023, particularly for discounts on IG&E events and videos.

Basic members now receive 50% off all IG&E prices and Supporting and higher level members now may access nearly all IG&E events and videos for FREE.

You can SAVE THE EXTRA FEE fee by renewing your membership by 11:59 PM CST December 31st. Your membership will then be extended for another year at the current annual fee.

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Announcing Recently Released IANDS Publications!

Announcing New IANDS Publications

Impressions of Near-Death Experiences by Robert Christophor Coppes presents excerpts from over 100 experiencers' accounts organized by categories like Unconditional Love, The Life Review, Veridical Observations, Interconnection with All, and Aftereffects.

The Self Does Not Die (Second Edition) by Titus Rivas, Anny Dirven, and Rudolf Smit has 24 new cases of verified paranormal phenomena from near-death experiences (NDEs), now totaling 128 cases—100 additional pages. Some new cases are among the most evidential NDE cases to date.

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2023 Conference Video on Demand Registration is Now Open

2023 Conference video recordings now available for purchase as video on demand (VOD)

Inspired to Loving Action
The Transformative Power of Near-Death and Related Experiences

LINK to purchase VOD: https//conference.iands.org

Video On Demand: $79 members, $99 non-members. Prior Conference In-Person and Live Streaming registrants are Free. Videos made from Rooms 1, 2, & 3 and selected other videos will be available on the VOD Page. Prior Conference registrants have been notified via email on how to access all available Conference videos.

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Drs. van Lommel and Greyson: To the Rescue!

Once again, researchers have published an article about bursts of brain activity in the dying human brain, and people interested in the question of the origin of NDEs have contacted Journal of Near-Death Studies editor, Jan Holden, EdD, asking whether the results described in the article provide a materialist explanation of the source of NDEs.

A challenge for intelligent lay readers is that most of us do not have the expertise to understand technical references to medical procedures and assessment results, such as "EEG gamma bursts," described in such articles. So, Jan reached out to two IANDS members who do have such expertise: cardiologist Pim van Lommel, MD, and emeritus professor of psychiatry and neurobehavioral sciences Bruce Greyson, MD.

In the brief (4.5 double-spaced pages) Invited Commentary linked below, these experts explain—in terms most readers should be able to understand—why the findings of this most recent study and others like it "do not and cannot explain" either confirmed aspects of NDEs or the source of NDEs. Their Invited Commentary will be published in an upcoming issue of the Journal but, as a service to IANDS members and to the general public, is provided here as a pre-print publication.

Remembering Diane Corcoran, PhD, RN, US Army Col (Ret)

Diane Corcoran photoWith sadness, but also with gratitude for her many years of devoted service and contributions, IANDS announces the passing of Diane Corcoran on Sunday, March 5, 2023. At the time of her transition, Diane was an active member of the Board of Directors, a multiple-time IANDS past-president, creator and leader of the Veterans Sharing Group, and near-death experiencer (NDEr).

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Spiritual Awakenings: Scientists and Academics Describe Their Experiences

Marjorie W adSpiritual Awakenings: Scientists and Academics Describe Their Experiences

Edited by Marjorie Woollacott, PhD, and David Lorimer

The essays in this volume are a wonderful and varied collection of personal insights into individual spiritual awakenings and the resulting transformation in the lives of scientists and academics.

Scholars share the experience of their own spiritual awakening and journey, including encountering challenges to their credibility in academia, if they shared these experiences. Their comments about transformation in values, beliefs, and approaches toward life are very moving, expressing a deep inner wisdom and connection, not only with humanity but also with the earth and cosmos.  

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Kenneth Ring's new book: A Near-Death Researcher's Notebook

Kenneth Ring's new book: A Near-Death Researcher's NotebookIANDS co-founder and first president, Kenneth Ring has published his new book, A Near-Death Researcher's Notebook; What I Have Learned About Dying, Death, and the Afterlife. Nancy Clark, IANDS group leader of the Ohio, Columbus group shares her recommendation here: 

I've read just about everything Ken Ring has written. He is one of the most renowned near-death experience researchers of our time. But lately, he has woven together in his current book not only what he has learned from his NDE research, but he gives you an appreciation for the fragility and complexity of life itself.

Ring beautifully interweaves scientific fact with captivating storytelling in a way that provides the reader with a perspective that allows one to cherish life for as long as we have it.

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