Netflix Surviving Death

The Netflix series "Surviving Death" Near-death experiences are the subject of episode 1 of the Netflix series "Surviving Death". It features in-depth dramatizations with commentary by NDErs Dr. Mary Neal, Jose Hernandez, Pam Reynolds, and Stephanie Arnold. Both Jose Hernandez and Stephanie Arnold have presented this month on ISGO (IANDS Sharing Groups Online). The recordings of their talks can be found by clicking on their names.

A recording of a Seattle local group meeting is shown in the Netflix program and several other NDEr clips are included on the Netflix special. IANDS co-founder, Dr. Bruce Greyson, is prominently featured in extended interviews and commentary throughout episode 1. Clips from researchers Drs. James Tucker, Raymond Moody, Peter Fenwick, Robert Spetzler, and Julie Levitt are also shown.

The IANDS Sharing Groups Online (ISGO) live event on Sat. Jan. 9, featured Ricki Stern, the Netflix Executive Producer and Director, and Leslie Kean, the author of the book "Surviving Death" that the series was derived from. This ISGO event had 301 rsvps and was here to access the recording in the ISGO Videos-on-Demand library. Click here for more upcoming ISGO live events