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Dying woman experiences life as a flower and fish while out of body 08 Dec 2022
Girl has 8 NDEs and learns the purpose of suffering on Earth 30 Nov 2022
Drowning woman meets Jesus and her unknown biological father 16 Nov 2022
Woman meets Jesus following surgery 06 Nov 2022
Russian boy drowns and feels all-consuming love 27 Oct 2022
Young woman remembers messages and choices while hurtling off mountainside 27 Oct 2022
58-year-old flatlines twice during heart attack, but returns 24 Oct 2022
Man overdoses, goes to the Other Side, but senses he isn't supposed to be there yet 24 Oct 2022
Woman with migraine is saved from overdose of meds and joins God briefly 01 Aug 2022
Healthy woman is given a visit to the afterlife after falling asleep 22 Jul 2022
Post-partum emergency, but she's enfolded in peaceful, loving darkness 20 Jul 2022
Swedish 7-year-old falls out of car and remembers conversation on the Other Side 20 Jun 2022
Woman drops dead but returns knowing things 19 Jun 2022
Girl drowns, leaves body, and returns much changed 18 Jun 2022
Girl is hit by falling tree, leaves body, and returns with knowledge 18 Jun 2022
Where teen mom went during coma from spinal meningitis 18 Jun 2022
Boy of 10 almost drowns in lake 01 Jun 2022
Older gentleman finds himself in lovely place for a moment before having seizure 01 Apr 2022
Man has reaction, leaves body, and is greeted by tree and Jesus 01 Apr 2022
Young woman leaves her body and rises toward welcoming tree 01 Apr 2022
Construction worker sees his Mamaw and feels love as a dog and birds try to save him 05 Mar 2022
Nine-year-old girl hit by car has psychic lifetime of adventure 28 Feb 2022
Young woman dies and understands God's love is much greater than we can know 28 Feb 2022
German man separates from his burning body and watches, then gets all questions answered 28 Feb 2022
Mumbai woman has allergic reaction and heads up, only to come back down 28 Feb 2022
French Canadian man has lifetime of NDEs and after-effects 28 Feb 2022
Three-year-old girl drowns and watches her own resuscitation 27 Feb 2022
Woman dies but is given three messages that helped her when she returned to life 27 Feb 2022
UK 11-year-old boy hit by car enters light but is told not to go through door there 27 Feb 2022
Medical doctor dies and has reunion with emerald and purple beings 27 Feb 2022
The universe without matter is not only more real than this contrived world, but more magnificent 27 Feb 2022
In two NDEs, as a toddler and as an adult, woman feels Jesus' love 27 Feb 2022
Man dies suddenly and feels God's love pouring onto infinite array of glowing blocks 27 Feb 2022
Motorcycle crash sends man into tunnel but he returns to have premonitions of future events 27 Feb 2022
After dentist gives her gas, she goes through tunnel and feels God's love 27 Feb 2022
Woman dies following childbirth and meets Jesus who says to care for everyone, even strangers 16 Feb 2022
Woman in hospital leaves body and meets ball of beautiful diamond light projecting LOVE 16 Feb 2022
Addicted young woman in detox sees Jesus, leaves her body, feels peace in the light, and returns with no addictions 16 Feb 2022
Canadian woman has cardiac arrest NDE and unusual after-effects 16 Feb 2022
Man dies four times during heart procedure, but doctor "told" to keep trying to resuscitate him 08 Feb 2022
Tibetan man in car accident experiences his divinity but is stopped by demon 08 Feb 2022
Irish sixteen-year-old boy leaves body during wisdom teeth extraction 02 Feb 2022
Young atheist woman has heavenly experience 02 Feb 2022
Woman dies of alcohol abuse and meets deceased grandfather 02 Feb 2022
Woman in France goes into dark tunnel with many beings trying to tell her things 02 Feb 2022
Young Muslim Yemeni woman experiences light and peace 02 Feb 2022
Russian 12-year-old girl takes overdose and has strange "dream" and aftereffects 31 Jan 2022
Man returns from brain surgery to raise as-yet unborn son 22 Jan 2022
Professor of religion has two NDEs from allergic reaction to bites 13 Jan 2022
Mature gentleman begins to slip away, but returns for wife 13 Jan 2022
Heat stroke leads to view of deceased near death 19 Dec 2021
Woman finds her Joy by almost dying, and her life is changed 19 Dec 2021
Young mother goes into void but doesn't understand for 20+ years 08 Dec 2021
Young teen almost dies from illness, but is sent back with something special to do in life first 30 Nov 2021
Man enters underworld realm, then almost drowns, but is saved from both 30 Nov 2021
Young mother finds self in void, then is shown life review/purpose 30 Nov 2021
Kayak spill gives teen visit with her angel plus new psychic abilities and new purpose 30 Nov 2021
Woman's out of body experience leaves her with psychic powers, new religious beliefs, and a strong sense of purpose 30 Nov 2021
Young man has hellish experience but returns grateful, faith-filled and intuitive 28 Nov 2021
Girl drowns and meets angelic-looking woman but is told not to share 27 Nov 2021
Brief childhood NDE leaves woman highly intuitive and filled with childlike wonder and curiosity 27 Nov 2021
Woman has vision during cardiac failure, but doesn't share it with health care colleagues 27 Nov 2021
Young man died and no longer sees the world through a mortal lens 27 Nov 2021
Woman's cardiac arrest shows her all species are connected as one 27 Nov 2021
Man sees deceased loved ones watching his surgery while out of his body 26 Nov 2021
Cowboy's back surgery NDE shows him that everyone on this planet is there 26 Nov 2021
Cardiac arrest takes woman to healing place and she helps doctors while she is 'dead' 26 Nov 2021
Woman contracts Covid-19 but is reassured during NDE 01 Nov 2021
Australian man is taken on guided journey of the universe 02 Oct 2021
Woman has strange experiences before and during induced coma 25 Sep 2021
Girl of six has seizure and returns from void and light with overwhelming abilities 25 Sep 2021
Man smokes cannabis, leaves body, and feels pure love 25 Sep 2021
Teen who left body, met being(s), and was sent back wonders where non-Christians go 22 Sep 2021
Woman meets three beings before returning 15 Sep 2021
Young woman with genetic disease has had 4 NDEs 15 Sep 2021
Six-year-old girl suffocates on candy and leaves body 09 Sep 2021
Woman spends time with Jesus during abuse as child 25 Aug 2021
Teen experiences bliss while in hospital 28 Jul 2021
Man has NDE during dental work in 1978 08 Jul 2021
Vietnamese man in car crash accompanies fiance into light but returns alone 08 Jul 2021
Australian man chokes and finds himself in another place 08 Jul 2021
Woman is healed and shown she will be a healer 08 Jul 2021
Sleep apnea leads Columbian man to teachings about Covid-19 08 Jul 2021
Depressed college freshman meets his guides during drug overdose 02 Jun 2021
Woman's love is measured during her life review 14 May 2021
Spanish Man Pleads to Return, Is Given More Time, and Now Serves Others 14 May 2021
Young child dies from pills, meets a being, and returns to feel trapped 28 Apr 2021
Heart attack leads to teachings about dimensions by Higher Self 27 Apr 2021
Hindu Nepalese young man crashes his motorcycle and has OBE 20 Feb 2021
Following motorcycle accident, man has vision of his own funeral 20 Feb 2021
Man has memories of traumatic birth when he was born dead 20 Feb 2021
Woman sees her Dad during brief visit to the Other Side 20 Feb 2021
UK man has OBE, life review, and is given a blank slate upon return 17 Feb 2021
Young woman sees life forms from other places and demon-like creatures 28 Jan 2021
Horseback accident leaves young woman with pain and insights 18 Jan 2021
Physician recalls 5 near deaths giving her new view of the world 05 Jan 2021
Life review shows his encouragement of others 27 Nov 2020
Woman is offered exit opportunity 28 Oct 2020
Male sexual abuse survivor's NDE results in increased psychic abilities 10 Oct 2020
Following childbirth, woman passes dark place and heals her brain bleed 09 Oct 2020

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Dying woman experiences life as a flower and fish while out of body

In 2015, I was in a coma, on ECMO (life support). I was given last rites, and my family was told to let me go as doctors said they had done all they could (I was near death 2-3 times).

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Girl has 8 NDEs and learns the purpose of suffering on Earth

I've had several NDEs, so I've written about three main ones and a few lesser ones. I consider the lesser ones to possibly be Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STEs) because their ‘qualities’ were a bit different. It’s hard to explain.

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Drowning woman meets Jesus and her unknown biological father

“Give me your hand!” a male voice said. I reached up with my right hand but the waves rolled over me again, pushing me down towards the underwater reef. I struggled to free myself from the water to find air to breathe. I was afraid I was going to get stuck in the reef and die.

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