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Deriving One’s Life Ethics

At some point with almost every client in my practice, I share the fact that millions of people have had NDEs and their accounts suggest that we will go through a life review after we go through the transition called death. My view is, “Why wait until you die to have a life review? Since it is one of the most transformative experiences, why not do your own review right now?” As we come to understand that we will not only re-experience every moment of our lives, but will also feel the effects that every thought, feeling, word and deed has had on others, we often quite quickly become more accountable and responsible for our lives. (Kenneth Ring, PhD, Lessons from the Light, pp.161-165). The golden rule of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”—because you will feel exactly what you have done unto them—becomes quite an effective way of helping one to become self-governing. The faculty of conscience is restored.

As one way to help my clients make wiser choices, I suggest that they imagine going into the greater self that is experienced during a life review and weigh each option with its possible consequences from that perspective. How will you feel about your decision, as you relive its consequences on your life and others’ lives during your review?


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