1996 Oakland

1996 North American Conference


August 8 - 10, 1996

Oakland, CA





Note: Presentations are listed in the order that they appeared during the conference.

1996 Oakland

After the Light: One Foot in Heaven...

Kim Clark Sharp, M.S.W.

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Coming back from a near death experience requires major adjustments on all levels of existence. Or, as expressed by the Genie in the movie Aladdin, "All the powers of the Universe!!!; itty-bitty living space." Covering the more remarkable aspects of returning to our "itty-bitty living space" as shared by countless near death experiencers. Kimberly is representative of these near death experiencers-those who return with paranormal abilities.

NDEs in Hospice Patients

Pamela Kircher, M.D.

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The NDEs of hospice patients differ from those of people in acute situations.

Introduction to the Near-Death Experience

Pat Fenske, Ph.D.

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No description of this presentation is currently available

Experiencer Panel A

Panel Members

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The experiencer panels are always some of the high points of the conference. Each of the four or so experiencers on the panel tells his or her experience and answers questions from the audience.
The Rainbow Bridge, Where Science and Spirit Meet

Mellen-Thomas Benedict

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While suffering from a terminal illness in 1982, Mellen-Thomas was near-death for an hour and a half with no vital signs. He returned from his NDE to his body with his disease in complete remission and with enhanced psychic abilities. While on the "other side," Mellen was taken "through the light" at the end of the "tunnel," and beyond. He was shown Earth's past and a vision of our future for the next 400 years. Since his near-death experience, Mellen-Thomas has maintained his direct access to Universal Intelligence and has been involved in research programs at universities and medical schools. A portion of the first tape and much of the 2nd tape are about various products that Mr. Benedict has developed as a result of his NDE.
NDE and Kundalini Awakening: The Challenge of Transformation

Bonnie Greenwell

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A near-death experience can trigger the awakening of intense spiritual energy in the body, known as Kundalini in yogic teachings, which brings about transformation of consciousness through physical, emotional, psychic and spiritual changes and revelations. This can be overwhelming for someone who has no preparation as it profoundly shifts the sense of self in the world. This talk presents a yogic model describing why NDEs can cause Kundalini awakening. It presents seven categories of phenomena characteristic of Kundalini awakening, and addresses the challenges and positive potential of a spontaneous Kundalini awakening triggered by an NDE. Bonnie Greenwell has specialized in work with spiritual emergence since 1989. Formerly the director of the Transpersonal Counseling Center at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, CA, she is currently a member of the adjunct faculty there.

Experiencer Panel B

Panel Members

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The experiencer panels are always some of the high points of the conference. Each of the four or so experiencers on the panel tells his or her experience and answers questions from the audience.

Sights and Sounds of NDE

Ned Dougherty

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A multimedia reminiscence of the NDEs of the presenter and others.

Healing Effects of NDE

Bruce Horacek, Ph.D.

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Evidence of how NDEs and nearing-death-awareness serve as healing agents to those facing death.
Nihilism and No-thingness in NDE

Lee Bailey, Ph.D.

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Exploring the nature of the power of "thing-ness" and of imaginative visionary journeys such as NDEs, can help to overcome the meaninglessness of materialistic culture.
Frightening NDEs

Nancy Evans Bush, M.A.

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No description of this presentation is currently available
NDE's and European Dream Tradition

Stephanie Van Zandt Nelson

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Slide-illustrated. In contrast to earlier ages, the terror of the Inquisition still manifests in Western minds as a suspicion of dreams, denial of visionary experience, and fear of death.
Starting a 'Local Friends of IANDS' Group

Debbie James, RN

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Discussion of how to go about forming a local interest or support group.
Depth and Intensity of NDE

Max Norton, Ph.D.

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By their questions and the answers they develop, NDErs assign meaning to their experiences. Part 2 of a long-term research project.

Out of the Body, Out of the Mind, and Then...

Charles Tart

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It is common to think of "mind" as something different from "body." We now know that what we ordinarily experience as mind is actually heavily structured by the nature of the body, brain and nervous system. Special circumstances sometimes give us glimpses of what mind might be like if it were not so heavily influenced by the body, and these glimpses are important in understanding who we really are. Charles Tart, internationally known for his psychological work on altered states of consciousness and as one of the founders of transpersonal psychology, describes his and others' research into out-of-the-body experiences, especially those with parapsychological aspects, and then discuss how this lessened connection with the body can take us "out" of ordinary mind as well as body.

Prospective NDE Studies with AIDS and Cardiac Patients

Madelaine Lawrence

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This presentation includes a report on one of the first prospective NDE studies done at Hartford Hospital (CT) and televised on national television. The study included administration of a disassociative experience scale and personality test to patients who were to undergo an electrophysiology study; some of whom had previously reported an NDE. A small electronic sign was placed in the study room in a position not visible from normal vantage points in the hopes that anyone undergoing an NDE or similar experience would later be able to report on its message. Three case histories of AIDs patients and their experiences with NDEs and other extrasensory experiences are also reported. Madelaine Lawrence is a member of the graduate faculty at the University of Hartford as well as a hospice coordinator in Middlesex, Connecticut.
NDE Research Panel

Diane Corcoran, R.N., Ph.D., Moderator

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A researcher panel consists of several people who are doing research into NDEs talking about their current projects, results, difficulties, etc., with audience participation.

NDE and Shamanism

Timothy Green, Ph.D.

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Exploration of similarities and distinctions between shamanic and near-death experience, with the opportunity to experience shamanic journeying through drumming.

What Health Care Professionals Need To Know

Grace Bubulka, R.N., M.S.N.

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#1: Appropriate therapeutic responses to a patient's report of an NDE, and #2, results of a survey of hospital staff reactions to NDE.
Brain Shift

PMH Atwater, L.H.D.

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A model of theoretical structural, chemical and functional change that the presenter believes may occur in the brain of experiencers.

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Panel - Family Members of NDErs
Panel Members
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Suicide and the NDE

Sandra Rogers

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An experiencer's conclusions about the act of suicide as it pertains to human existence.


Dianne Morrissey, Ph.D.

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Similarities and differences in NDE and the visionary and sensory content of OBE.

Divine Presence in the NDE

Timothy West

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The reflections of experiencers suggest that reports of the "classic" NDE may be misleading, and that the experience itself, rather than any specific component, is transformationally potent.

NDEs and Psychic Experiences

Jon Klimo

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The interrelated nature of both types of experience, and the function of post-NDE psychic events.


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