Attitudinal Changes and Aftereffects:

“There is one common element in all near-death experiences: they transform the people who have them. In my twenty years of intense exposure to NDErs, I have yet to find one who hasn’t had a very deep and positive transformation as a result of his experience.” Raymond. A. Moody, M.D.40

  • In several studies, nearly all near-death experiencers report a strong decrease or complete loss of the fear of death as the result of their NDEs .41,42,43,44,45,46
  • At least 98% of surveyed NDErs now believe that there is life after death.47,48,49
  • NDErs, including suicide attempters do not generally attempt to take their lives again.51
  • Spiritual growth, a loving attitude, knowing a Higher Power/God, inner peace and a sense of purpose in life characterize the changes most meaningful to NDErs.52
  • Over 80% of surveyed NDErs expressed a strong increase in their concern for others53 and that life has meaning or purpose.53,54,55
  • Among surveyed NDErs, 55 - 89% of report an increase in psychic phenomena or healing abilities following their NDEs.56,57,58,59