IANDS Conference News

2011 Conference schedule is now available!

IANDS Conference BannerSeptember 2-4, 2011 at the Millennium Hotel in Durham, NC

For conference information / registration, click here.


A total of 11.0 AACN CE hours are available for the following speakers (listed in bold in the Conference Schedule):

  • Friday: Theresa Yuschok, Cate Flanagan, Jenny Streit-Horn & Jan Holden, Jan Holden & Tracy Goza, Robert Mays & Suzanne Mays, Near-Death Experiencer Panel (Debbie James, moderator)
  • Saturday: Bruce Greyson, Christophor Coppes, Families with NDE Children Panel (Diane Corcoran, moderator)
  • Sunday: Eben Alexander


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