In 1965, I was less than a year old when I had this experience. I was sitting on the living room floor in front of the couch. My parents were in the house somewhere, but I didn't know where. I was alone. I decided to crawl around. I crawled over and around to the left side of the couch, and when I got to the back left corner I noticed there was plenty of room for me to crawl between the back of the couch and the wall. I crawled behind the center of the couch. The material under the couch was wripped open at the seam. The opening was big enough for me to crawl into it. I remember thinking, "Cool, a secret place where I can hang out and my parents will never know." I started crawling in until I noticed it was quite cramped because of the insulation or something above me. I got on my belly, grabbed the material under my hands, and pulled myself in further. I did this repeatedly until I was far inside the right of the couch. Then I noticed a big problem. I was running out of oxygen, and it was getting harder and harder to breath. I thought, "I have to get out of here so I can get air." I couldn't figure out how to back up and turn around because it was too cramped. I struggled and struggled but I realized I was going nowhere. The struggling made me need more oxygen. Soon there was almost no oxygen, making me too weak to struggle anymore. I gave up and began suffocating.

I don't know if words can describe how awful the suffering is from suffocation. It was just awful until suddenly I experienced acceptance. Although the suffering was bad, I found some kind of comfort in my acceptance. The suffering started to diminish rapidly until none at all. I began to realize what made me suffer I no longer needed, and it was such an incredible relief. I no longer needed the oxygen from earth and I was no longer confined to my physical body, yet I was completely coherent. Throughout the whole process I never as much as fell asleep or became unconscious. I never disappeared in any way and I felt great, far better than any human could feel in the flesh on earth. I thought, "Why stay here." I moved to my right a little bit and turned what would now be my spiritual head to the right. Suddenly everything opened up. 

It looked as though I was no longer in the couch, although I knew I was, and I could see the living room. I looked around to see that the floors, walls, furniture, and objects were perfectly intact. The room was very bright as if lit by a hundred light bulbs. I decided to move up to get a better look around. I could see I was above the couch in an upright position. I noticed I only wanted to focus on everything in front and to the right of me. This is because I never turned my body, just my head. When I looked to the left there was nothing but a wall of darkness a short distance from and beyond me. I didn't want to have anything to do with it so I just focused on everything else. Then all of a sudden everything started to change. Flowers began to grow out of everything rapidly. The floors, walls, and objects stayed intact, but there was an abundance of flowers growing out of every square inch of everything, turning the room into some kind of small, little paradise. It was beautiful. This state of happiness was far beyond anything you could ever experience in the flesh on earth. For example, let's say you just won $200,000,000.00 playing the lottery. Now that would make a person quite happy, right? But that happiness would barely put a nick into the amount of happiness I was experiencing. You don't have a sense of time. You only get a constant sense of eternity. I thought, "I don't know what this is or what is happening, but I am loving it." Then like a flick of a switch, it was pitch dark.

I thought, "What happened?" I had wondered if one of my parents turned off the lights, but then I thought it couldn't be that because I knew it was daytime and there was no light coming through the windows or anything. It was just complete darkness, giving me an opposite feeling from that which I experienced in the little paradise. I still had no sense of time just eternity. I became worried and thought, "This is it. I'm stuck here in this darkness all alone forever." It was making me very sad. Then I heard voices from a far distance behind and over my left shoulder. At first I was glad because I thought I'm not alone after all. Then I noticed the voices were from people or some kind of suffering beings. And, they were not just suffering. They sounded very evil at the same time. It's hard to explain the sounds, but I was becoming extremely scared. All I wanted to do was get away. I had no sense of direction because there was no destination other than one. I thought maybe if I went back down to my other body and stayed with it, I would go back where I came from and escape this horrible place. That's what I did.

I don't know how, but I was able to sense the location of my physical body and stay with it in an upright position. I thought this was the closest I could get to escape the horror, but the voices got louder and closer. I still heard them over my left shoulder. They were getting closer and closer until surrounding me. I realized my idea wasn't working and there was no escape. The only thing that came to mind was to ask for help. Somehow I felt that someone could hear and help me, but I didn't want to yell for help because I didn't want these evil beings to hear me. I closed my eyes and in a whisper I very, very softly said, "Someone, please help me." The voices around me stopped instantly, so I opened my eyes and thought, "Oh no they heard me and did they leave or are they just going silent." Not knowing which I was still very frightened. Then all of a sudden there was a light shinning from behind me. I was too afraid to move and turn to see what was happening. The light was getting brighter until suddenly I felt a hand touch my left shoulder. At first, I was startled because I thought it was one of those evil beings getting me after all. I turned my head to the right and saw a man who was all white. At first I feared him until I noticed he was holding me very gently, comforting me, and quickly telling me who he was. He told me in a spiritual language that I fluently understood, and now as a human on earth I can kind of tell you in English what he said. He said something like, "I am Jesus your savior, savior of all mankind and today I am taking you with me to paradise." I was so relieved he was there. I knew then that there would be nothing more to fear ever again, and our destination was going to be so great.

We started moving forward and at first it seemed like we were floating. Jesus was still holding me to his left side, comforting and talking to me. We moved for just a short bit until suddenly I saw a crowd of hundreds if not thousands of lights approaching, and not just lights. Each light had a human figure but with no facial or body features, just figures that looked like human shadows with a very bright light in the center of each one. Everything was pitch dark except for Jesus and the people. There were differences between Jesus and the people. The people were dark shadows with lights and no features. Jesus was all light but you could see his features. His face and long hair looked like that seen in pictures on earth. The way to put it is when you leave this world and you meet Jesus, you will see him the way he is remembered on earth. We were moving toward the people with lights, and when we got closer to them we veered to the left to pass them on our right side. Then I noticed it was becoming less dark, as if there was a sunrise. Now we were walking instead of floating. The walking seemed just as natural, if not more natural, as it does in the physical body. As we passed people they would gather behind and follow us. It was becoming more and more daylight. I noticed the more it became daylight the less I could see the people's lights and the more I could see their features. We walked on and on as Jesus and I conversed with one another. What we were talking about I don't remember. I do remember Jesus telling me about going to a great place. There was one point I remember Jesus and I laughing, not at anyone or anything; it was just pure happy laughter. I was experiencing the most tremendous happiness far beyond any imagination. I was with my absolute true solemates and I was going home.

In an instant, Jesus was directly in front and looking straight at me. We stopped. He said, "Things have changed. You have to go back." I said, "What do you mean I have to go back?" Jesus said, "You have to go back to your other body and live in the world." I argued with him by saying, "No way. I'm not going back. I want to go forward. I want to go to heaven. There's no way I'm going back there." I started begging with tears. "Please don't have me go back there, please." Jesus stopped me by saying very loudly, "Please." Then Jesus started explaining why I had to go back. I don't remember too much of what he said. However, I remember him telling me that my mom and dad would miss me; they needed me and would be very sad if I was gone. I also remember him telling me how I need to make a life for myself on earth. He explained so many other things, but I just don't remember except I came to understand that I truly did need to go back. While explaining all of this to me, we were floating in the opposite direction. I was floating backward and he was floating forward facing toward me. All the other people gathered behind Jesus looking right at me, seeing me back.  

As we got back to where I would go to the other world, Jesus said, "Is there anything more you would like to ask before you go?" There was only one thing that came to mind, so I asked him, "Will I get to go to heaven the next time I come back?" He said, "No." I asked with worry, "Why not?" He said, "I will show you." I have no idea how, but he was able to flash my life in front of me. I was able to see my whole life or at least a great portion of my life that I hadn't lived yet. If you ask me what I saw I would say I have no idea. I knew at the time what I was seeing, but being in the flesh I don't remember. I only remember that he showed my life not lived yet. I could use it to my advantage and try to change my history, but not truly live my life. I know Jesus pointed out things while I watched and explained why I couldn't go to heaven the next time, but he also made me understand that I would be in a content place. In other words, I didn't have to worry about going to hell, and with all of this I was very content with going back to earth.

The next thing I know I am back in my physical body suffocating. I felt a hand grab my left ankle and pull me out of the couch. I was turned upright. It was my dad. He hugged me and said things like thank God. I reached out to my mom who hugged me and said pretty much the same things as my dad. I was so happy to be back with them.