I was only young when I had my accident.

My parent bought me a BMX bike for my birthday. That day I went out on my bike to pick up milk for my mother.

The police had told me not to ride on the path and to go on the main road. That day a few strange things happened, what I call coincidences. I went on the main road and a car (a Volvo estate) ran into me, dragging me 100 yards under the car.

I lost 6 pints of blood and my heart had stopped for more than 5 minutes. I was unconscious for days after my accident.

I remember seeing a bright light, brighter than I’d ever seen and was traveling at fast speeds though this vast whiteness. A door appeared; it was floating in the vast white space. I approached this doorway and as I approached, this calming voice asked me to go through. I felt fear, then a scary voice shouted, ‘Don’t go through the door.’ I felt a panic and rushed through this door, and as I did my mother was standing over me, and I returned back to the reality I’m in now.

The day this happened, an ambulance was 5 minutes away from me. That day a woman who worked in the local garage re-acted quickly and called for an ambulance, and the ambulance that came was equipped with a resuscitation unit. They say they don’t always carry them. If it wasn’t for these coincidences I would not be here today.

I don’t want to sound crazy, but my mind is open. I’m passionate, have super high senses, taste, smell, thoughts. I’m fascinated by people, systems and technology.