First experience 1991 head on collision with a truck in Riverside, CA. I felt myself as spirit go through the roof of my car. Time slowed down and suddenly I could care less about my body or anything behind me other than a whisper to say take care of my new fiance. I shot towards a bright light.

No squinting, no pain in eyes, just a sense of great love. No tunnel, but I was headed straight for the light.

I suddenly awoke with blood in my face and body aching. However, during this whole experience, telepathically, I was told that we all are part of the Divine's love. It is not for one particular group of people, but for everyone. I was fortunate only to have stitches in between my eyebrows (the 3rd eye area.) I attribute this to my excellent physical shape at the time as I was running marathons.

My second event was in 2013. I had been starting to question my experience of 1991. I practice psychotherapy as a clinical social worker. Do note, I had not gone back to my conservative beliefs as I knew that this Love I experienced was inclusion and not exclusionary. I was at One Spirit Interfaith/Interspiritual Seminary October 2013 during a lecture by a person who helped us meditate to a deeper level (from head to heart). I was in a class of at least 60 other people. No danger, no threats, nothing that would warrant a feeling of eminent death or danger, just a group of fellow seminarians in a room filled with love and acceptance. As I dropped to my "heart", I suddenly felt this light come around me and I said, "It is You!!" I cannot describe this Light in any detail other than I knew who it was and it was the same light as in 1991 and possibly before. That part remains somewhat of a mystery but the Light was so familiar, like something I had always known and was just absent from its presence. It was like a void, but a lit up void. It totally embraced me in a love that I cannot describe and any attempt would be too superfluous and almost denigrate the experience. It told me telepathically, I could have anything I wanted. I could only cry and state what more could I ask for than the incredible love I was feeling.

Now, I was aware of my surroundings still as when the leader of the group asked us to move back to our current place out of this meditative state, I came out just like everyone else. However, I cried like you would not believe. I could not believe how overwhelmed I was in the amount of Love I experienced. There has been nothing on this side that can even compare. I have used the model of being a parent for the first time, bringing your child home and looking at the child as you put it down in its crib for the first time. Multiple that by infinity and you may get just a little idea of how it was. The person next to me told me later they felt the energy, but not the experience. It took me nearly 3 months to stop crying every time I even brought it up. I still cry at times. The Love was to be understood that this is for everyone. No exceptions.

I have had some medium experience since this last experience. I've had some psychic experiences from 1991. I have some incredible synchronicity experiences as well. I have just been ordained a minister through One Spirit Seminary. My goal is to help people who have experienced a NDE or mystical experience be able to understand it (in accordance to their life experience) and try to reintegrate back into this plane. My training as a clinician I feel will assist in that endeavor.

I have information that I believe is from what I call my guide, but it differs considerably from the core religions. There is no hell. There is no condemnation. The Love covers all. It is us, we have the problem. So, Buddha did have it correct, so does Christianity, and Tao seems to sum it up by saying, "if you try to describe the Tao, it is not the Tao." If you try to describe this outside the word, "Just Love", you detract from this Divine energy because it falls so short, so very short, of the Light and Love I experienced.

 I have a number of people, professionals, who think it was all my imagination. Possibly the NDE could have been a neurological response to an interpretation of impending death. However, it was the same Spirit in 2013 that came to me, prior repeated the same as before, and presented with a portion of Love that belongs to us all. I cry because I cannot express this Love sufficiently. I cry because no words are available. I cry because I am so human and I fall short of reflecting this Love to the level I beg myself to show. Thank you