One evening, I was talking with a friend on the phone who knew that I was interested in exploring different spiritual practices and religions. He said, "Hey, you should check out a Society of Friends meeting. They don't have any sermons and just meditate for an hour or so together." I was intrigued and after we hung up I looked them up on the Internet. I found out that they were what I knew as "the Quakers" and after only a few minutes of searching, came across a posting that explained a style of meditation they do called "Looking for the light within." I printed it out, took it to my bed and read what it said. It was very simple: Get into a comfortable position, close your eyes, focus your attention on the darkness and look for a light within. When you see a light, focus on it. So that's exactly what I did.

After reading the explanation, I turned out the light, lay back, closed my eyes and right away I could see a pin prick of light inside the darkness of my brain, slightly up and between my eyes. It looked like a distant star. I focused on it but it kept eluding me, so I used all the might I had. Suddenly, whoosh! I was out of my body and floating in space. It was very dark, but I could see pin pricks of light around me, again, like distant stars. I felt as if I was one with everything. I was everything. I was love; everything was love. It was the most wonderful feeling I have ever felt in my entire life.

Then I asked a question. All I remember are the answers. A voice boomed so loudly that it could make the universe explode. It said:"Everything is one. There is no past. There is no future. There is only now. And not only that, but every possible outcome for every possible situation is occurring at the same time." The last statement I couldn't quite understand. I was shown an example of being at an intersection behind the wheel of a car and going straight, turning right, turning left, hitting the building on the corner, hitting a light post, going straight up into the air, burrowing into the asphalt--all at the same time. Every possibility was occurring at the same instant whether I did it or not.

Then I heard,"The largest of the large and the smallest of the small are the same." And I became a wave, a spiral, or a tube of sorts that contracted and expanded in and out with the "in" being microscopic and the "out" being infinitely large. And I understood to the depths of my being that everything was one and that the smallest atom is the same as the universe. I was turned inside out and became everything, and everything was as tiny as the smallest particle and as huge as the universe. It was all the same, and I was it and it was me.

I was just there, floating in this pure ecstasy knowing to the depths of my being everything I had just heard and witnessed. Suddenly I was being downloaded with information about every question I had ever had. I have always been interested in science, physics, biology, human relations, spirituality, religion, etc. And in one instant I understood all there was to know. I particularly remember understanding all about how electricity works and then physics, then human relationships, and feeling pure joy and a feeling of simplicity. And then an understanding that it's all love. Everything is love. Everything is one. Everything is now. Everything is love.

With that, I gradually became aware of my body back on my bed and that I had a huge goofy grin on my face with drool running down my cheek. I was back in my body with a thud.
I jumped up to write down what I could remember, and even after 7 years it's almost as clear as the moment it happened.