In the accident, the vehicle I was driving skidded and rolled several times and landed upside down. I was knocked unconscious but felt transformed out of body into another realm. No sense of colours, no lights, just the feeling of floating in a vast void.

The feeling was complete release, complete peace and comfort, and I wanted to be there. Then I felt the presence of my brother who died a year earlier, but more profoundly I felt the presence of several beings speaking without words but I heard their message. They were saying it is not my time, and it is OK, there is much for me to do yet. I felt so sad to come back.

When I returned to the accident scene from the void, I still felt out of body, standing across the road with a friend of mine who witnessed the accident. I looked at her, she looked at me, quite shocked, as my body was still visible in the vehicle. Then I was whooshed back into my body in the car wreck. I awakened upside down in the vehicle with my head on the sunroof. I crawled out the driver side window, then walked across the road to where my friend was still standing. We just looked at each other. I asked her if she just saw me standing there a moment ago and she said "Yes".