Third Person Narratives

Three Men at the Foot of My Bed

I actually don't remember the experience. My mother first told me about it when I was eight years old. I had always felt a deep connection to Christ as a young child, but I didn't know why exactly. Once my mom told me about my near-death experience the connection I felt made sense.

I was two and a half years old and had a fever of approximately 104 degrees for three days. During the third night of the fever my mother said that I had told her three men at the foot of my bed were asking me to come with them (this was while I was laying in bed with the fever). This scared my mother a great deal and she told me that I must not go with the three men.

Later that evening I began having seizures and by the time I arrived at the hospital I had lost all muscle control, had stopped breathing, and I believe my heart stopped as well (I had two episodes of seizures that night).

After the seizures stopped and I was recovering in the hospital. I told my parents that I sat on Jesus' lap and that he had taught me. My mother said after that night I would occassionally tell her of different things that Jesus had taught me. Things that a two and a half year old child would have no concept of really understanding.

Ever since this occurred my parents have both said that I have always been very spiritual, empathetic, and had an advanced understanding of Christ's teaching.


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