Third Person Narratives

Wife sees vision of husband's near-accident

This is the story of 77 year old Mrs. Shirin from Iran Barmar, told by Javad Farzam in England.

I was spring cleaning my house with the help of a maid. My husband was due to come home from his work some 20 miles away. For no reason I went towards the window and looked at the garden.

I saw my husband driving home. As he approached a junction, I saw a man with grey coat. The coat was very worn specially round the collar. The man jumped in front of my husband's car trying to quickly cross the road. My husband swerved his car to avoid hitting the man. There was a blue Hilman Hunter car behind my husband's car.

At this moment unfortunately I lost the vision as I had a tap on my shoulder, it was the maid who asked me why I was staring at the garden and looking apprehensive. I was about to tell her what I saw but at this time my husband walked through the front door looking absolutely shattered. He said "I hate driving to and from work on this crazy route. Never again, I am doing it."

I asked " is the man alive?" My husband looked astounded. He said "what man are you talking about?" I gave description of the man who had jumped in front of his car. My husband was speechless and quietly asked me "but who informed you about it so quickly?" I said "no one, I saw it." My husband then informed me that unfortunately the blue Hilman Hunter car behind hit the man and killed him and that he had to give statement to the police.


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