My mom was pregnant and had a premonition she would die. She talked with our neighbor who was a nurse and asked her to be with her at the hospital and check numerous times on her condition due to mom's premonition. Mom did fine during birth but the next morning it was discovered by the neighbor that mom was bleeding out and her bed was soaked with blood. People were called to donate mom's type of blood. The docket had trouble reviving my mom.

During this time Mom saw herself perched on a white picket fence. She looked to her left and it was dark, storming and scary and cold. She looked to her right and she saw green meadows full of flowers, felt tranquility and saw and heard numerous people encouraging her and cheering for her. Mom saw her Dad who had taken his life when she was only 13. She heard the voice of God saying he loved her but she needed to return to earth because she had 2 children plus a newborn baby and husband who needed her. She wanted to stay but she could not leave her husband with so much responsibility. Mom awoke and the doctor said, "We have her back."