I took too much potassium and had heart slowdown in my sleep. All at once, I came through a pool of warm water that glimmered and flowed over me. I think of the term "living waters.” Around me were musical sounds and beings walking in white robes. Flowery fragrances filled the air. Everything was so beautiful, nothing like earth, totally perfect. There were marble columns and structures like an old painting. I looked and saw a large being dressed in a white robe sitting on a throne; he glowed in unearthly illumination. His face was pure white light like the sun, and I never felt so loved and warmed. Then, I was in a dark void and my dead father-in-law was there shaking his finger at me. I saw an image of my two young sons running in front of a house we were yet to build.

The next morning, I got up and didn't feel well. I never again feared dying. I feel I went to heaven and God is there with immense love and some day I will go when it is my time.

I became a nurse and feel that I minister God's healing and love through my work. I am his instrument and it is so rewarding. I know this was real, much more than any dream and so peaceful.