I began to convulse from foolishly over-using my medication and had fallen to the floor. Suddenly, I was before myself looking at my body lying there and realised I was dead. I panicked and thought this shouldn't be happening, and I looked all around my apartment for some escape. I prayed to Jesus and I began to glow, or sparkle.

There was a knock at the door. I opened the door and there were three men who said they had to take me away. I explained that they needed to take me to the hospital, as I was laying there on the floor, but they demanded to take me and so I came with them out into the hall. When we walked past the stairwell, the hallway began lengthening and got dark, and they began to taunt me. They were holding my back, and their faces lit up like demons as they disparaged me. 

We came to a wall of fire, like the opening of a pit, and my face was forced forward with their hands, made to look. I saw bodies in pain, people there who were crying in torment. 

Suddenly as they tried to place me in the pit, there was another figure before us, who was kneeling there. The others fled from him, and scattered back into my home.

This new figure then told me that God had heard me and proceeded to tell me everything that will happen in my life and also explained that since we spoke about my entire life, we had spoken eternally. He touched my right arm and explained that I would then forget. A yellowish light began to glow above me and I was suddenly, again, circled by winged angels who were singing and chanting. As I came back to consciousness on the floor of my apartment, I was recalling suddenly shooting upward and flying forth into a white light.

After this happened, I developed brain damage, and without support, I diagnosed myself with HPPD. As my medication is for schizophrenia, I had delusions for a year about rescuing my grandfather and picking him up from an underworld. I also left my home and was briefly homeless, both from fear and attempts to forget this experience, as well as from the certainty that I had to change.

Years later I had a similar delusion about my second grandfather, who predeceased me. As I began my fantasies about this one, the memories flooded back and I was overwhelmed with an immense love, joy, and inner peace. It was at this time that the HPPD began to subside, and it is now almost healed. 

He is my guiding light.