I was standing on the side of a large oval paddling pool. I gazed around to see a beautiful blue sky with shimmering white silver light; it was permeating everything. I know I was smiling at it all.

I looked over to my left and saw in the distance 2 maybe 3 other babies paddling in the water. I then looked to my right and the most beautiful vibrating living light spoke to me and said, “GO ON, GO HAVE A PADDLE, GO PLAY IN THE WATER.” It was my parent creator mum dad everything, all of everything; she/he smiled at me. I felt the smile that entered my whole being and became an external smile in the light.

I saw my little legs step into the water. It was alive. I squealed with delight, the water vibrating, and as I slushed my hands in the water the water separated into all the colours of the rainbow. Every colour had a unique vibration and personality: blue green red yellow orange pink purple, colours that aren’t here on Earth. As I delighted in them, they delighted in me. I splashed about and played.

I saw a fountain in the middle of the pond and made my way to it; the water came just below my tummy. I stood under the water that was pouring out in all the colours of the rainbow. I stretched my arms up and let the water run through my fingers, every colour vibrating and living. Each colour had its own personality and it enjoyed me enjoying it; it responded to me. This place is more real than the other place. This is where I belong.

The next concise memory I have is bouncing up and down in my cot as mummy was walking towards me. My nan and parents told me as I got older that I nearly died from pneumonia and that I had to be taken into Hammersmith Hospital, London and was placed in an oxygen tent.

I have wanted to tell my experience for sooo long. I really hope it makes it in to your studies, especially as I was a baby. God bless xx