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UK policeman is filled with warmth and love while driving to work

It was one of those calm pleasant springtime evenings.  Barely a cloud in the sky and the sun quite low but not yet ready to set.  I had about half an hour before I was due to start work at 8.00pm so was in no rush as I cruised through the countryside in my car.  There was little if any traffic in the other two lanes so it was just me and the open road, listening to music from my CD player on my way to work.  It was a journey I had made numerous times before.  I was fully relaxed but wide awake having slept much of the day in preparation for another night shift.

The first sign I had that something extraordinary was happening was when I became aware of a tingling sensation on the backs of my arms, hands and neck.  I felt my hairs stand up. It was as though the car was filled with static electricity.  I was aware of some kind of presence inside the car and could feel my heart speeding up and my senses sharpening.  I felt something like the rush of warm air passing straight through my clothes and skin and go into my body.

Then I felt a sensation of being literally filled up inside with a hot liquid.  The only way I can describe it is that it was like the inside of me was hollow and a kettle of hot but not boiling water was being poured into me and filling me up from bottom to top.  I could feel it rising up my legs, into my lower abdomen, then stomach, then chest, then my arms and then rising up my neck.  It spread outwards to my skin seeping into every part of me.

My vison went very bright and I felt a tremendous overpowering feeling of being totally loved, totally accepted, and totally protected by this presence that had enveloped me.  I got the feeling that nothing could ever harm me, that this love that was coursing through me was totally unconditional and would never end.  It felt a thousand times more powerful than any love I had ever experienced or could have imagined possible.  I felt it in every bone and cell in my body. It was an absolutely amazing feeling. 

It almost felt like I had come home.  It was as though the life I had been living in this world was just a small, short, adventure, that my real life was in some other world, a world I had forgotten about but had just been shown again and reminded of.

More than anything I wanted this experience to last but this presence that had possessed me gradually diminished and went.  I found myself still driving my car with floods of hot tears streaming down my face.  I was still on a total high (I don’t use drugs, by the way) by the time I arrived at work.  I wiped any signs of tears from my face before I went in because I didn’t want anyone to see them and ask me what was wrong.  I didn’t say a word to a single soul about this for weeks.


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