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Two demons appear to woman during physical attack

I was an inpatient in the same hospital I worked at as an administrator when it happened and had been physically abused by staff when it occurred. I was very unwell. I had a completely gangrenous gallbladder inside me, which I didn't know at the time, and the surgeon who removed it said it was the worst one he had ever seen and that I was very lucky to be alive. My surgery happened about 5 hours after my near-death-like experience and physical assault. In fact, it was an attempted murder at around 4:40am.

I managed to fight off the abusers thankfully, but I then passed out asleep (as instructed) and woke up not remembering what had happened. I knew something bad had happened. It was some months later when my memories came back that it really hit me hard. The near-death-like experience happened during the middle of my attack.

The first assault was a staff member crushing my hips which really hurt and made me scream. I pushed him off me and as he made his way around the end of the bed, he tripped and fell over his colleague who had been crouched down, hiding. They exclaimed in pain and I laughed somewhat as it was all so strange. I heard another patient exclaim too, as she must have seen and heard them fall and grunt somewhat. They had the curtains around my bed closed and there were 5 other women in the room. The two men were arguing with each other and nursing their injuries.

It was at this precise moment that I saw two creatures at the end of my bed, sitting on the metal rail, talking to one another. They were real. They were looking back and forth at me and spoke to one another, saying things like, "She's mine, I want her." Their behaviour reminded me of how bullies can be. I was telling the two men to leave me alone and to take them with them when they left, because I thought it was some kind of a joke or something. I couldn't comprehend what I was witnessing.

I pleaded with the men to get them off the bed rail, but the man who had been at the end of my bed left and as he walked out of the room, the smaller creature jumped off the rail and followed him. I even exclaimed, "Oh it's following you!" I could hear it hit the floor and move across the floor, out of the room. The one that was left moved and sat on my lower leg. I could feel its weight. It was so evil looking and it spoke to me, telling me it "wanted me."

The man who hurt my hips was still with me and I told him to get it off my leg and to leave me alone, but he just sat next to my bedside instead. It then jumped off me and onto the floor. I felt every movement and could see the blanket move too. I then turned to my left side because it went to my right side and I was so scared. I kept looking to see if it had come back and when I turned back away from the right-hand side, I felt a weight again but this time on my upper right arm. Its face was up close to the side of my head, telling me to "come" with it in my ear, it "wanted" me. Its voice was evil. I kept saying no, go away. I asked the member of staff who had abused me to brush it off my arm, which he didn't want to do, but I repeated the request as I felt it was the only thing to be done to get rid of it. He reluctantly brushed my arm and I looked to check and thankfully the creature had gone.

It was maybe 20 seconds after this that I felt a stone in my sternum, which prevented me from breathing. I rolled around in the bed a few times to try and dislodge it, which thankfully worked and as I took a much-needed breath in, the staff member proceeded to strangle me. He looked so angry and full of hatred. I heard him call out to his colleague, who had just previously left, but must have been waiting behind the curtain to "hold my legs down." He appeared and moved towards the end of the bed and that's when I successfully managed to punch the man who was choking me in his face, which made him stumble back and he stopped strangling me.

His colleague looked so shocked I had done this and ran away. The man who attacked me moved around my bed to collect his things. I remember he had a little radio which he had been playing some music on to me. Before he left, he told me to forget about it, go to sleep, I had my operation in a few hours. Prior to their departure, they had been with me for around 2 hours. They knew I had been poorly treated in the Emergency department previously, and I expect they were worried I may make a complaint.

I had also been physically abused in the Emergency department by a male nurse. I had not told them this however. I think they wanted to see me die and were waiting. It angered him when I managed to breathe after the stone in my sternum dislodged and he lashed out again. He performed some kind of "Breathing Technique" he called it on me, to help with the pain I was in, about half an hour prior to my experience. I believe it was some kind of hypnotism performed on me, which I know is used with patients sometimes. I remember being told to count backwards from 10, etc. With the abuse occurring and with me being close to death anyway, it must have made some kind of paranormal event take place?

I remember the exact moment I saw them. The atmosphere was so intense with high emotion and fear, etc. Maybe that is why? I have had a few brushes with death in my life. I nearly drowned twice as a child, but I have never encountered any kind of spiritual NDE before.

The only way I think I can describe the horrific creatures is that they were demons. They are like nothing you could ever imagine or dream up and they were as real to me as anything is. They were small in size, the one that stayed was slightly bigger than the one that left, maybe 30cms in size. They were covered in thick dark spikey looking fur and had huge black eyes. I couldn't see any ears or a nose. It had a very large mouth, full of pointed sharp white grey teeth. It had arms and legs, which did not have fur. Its hands looked somewhat human in form, with sharp nails. They resonated pure evil.

I have been having some occasional psychic feelings too since it happened and severe Deja vu. 


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