NDE-Like Accounts

Nurse shares several experiences and beliefs she acquired from them

I already submitted my shared death experience that I had with my brother’s suicide. Maybe 5 years later I had pneumonia and I knew I waited too long and was in the dark funnel again. I think of that as a type of Bardo. Was I afraid? Yes. I had 3 young children. I didn't want to leave them, and I obviously survived it and went on to acquire beliefs from all past experiences. 

I have seen some "qualified" medium psychics since and have had some extraordinary insights. I have had experiences that show me that life here and death here, are not the beginning and end, but a segment of a reality that our conscious selves exist in at a point. 

I have witnessed "family" members entering the room of a patient I was working with as a nurse and clearly heard the word "family" in a male voice which alerted me to their presence.  Seeing them physically enter the room I spoke to the coma patient saying, "Oh look! Your family's here," only to find when I pulled the curtain for them to enter that no one was physically there. Though I knew exactly what it meant. The identity of the apparitions I saw were confirmed by the patient’s family later. He passed an hour after they came. I saw them as clear as day. Down to their clothing and accessories.

I have been pulled from sleep into a type of summerland with deceased friends and family to either receive or give messages.

My own son at 14 years old had an NDE after a horrific accident as I watched the monitor flatline and come back. He woke and said, "I came back for you." He is 36 now. Three weeks after the accident when my son was mending and discharge plans were being made, the entire ER and OR along with the floor nursing staff came into the room to tell my son and me that "there is no human medical reason for you to be here" and that his life is considered a medical miracle since he was pretty much dead and nothing they could do or did could prevent that” and that his life is "a testimony to a living God." That Jesse is certainly here for a reason. My son refuses to talk about his experience now, leaving his body, etc. I'm the most blessed mother for him choosing to come back. He said he was given a choice. 

Prior to my mother's passing from Alzheimer's, she had been visited by her mom and my dad and others. I called out and asked for more time. Selfish of me. But granted, she had been in a coma-like state for nearly 2 weeks when she suddenly surged up and hugged me and my visiting son, who was her favorite. She passed within 30 hours. 

I’ve come to fully believe we are separate from our body, from our brain, from our physical vessel. We exist in a universal manner together and our interactions here are spiritual lessons. I worked in an AIDS clinic in the late ‘80s and was told several moving compelling NDEs by my patients. There is so much more. Thank you.


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