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Love and Care For One Another

When I was 23 years old my father was killed in a shop accident.

It was a shock and caused me to become angry at God. I felt it was unjust to take my father so soon. I was the last to talk to him. This resulted in me drinking too much and losing my faith.

I was married and 2 years later my beautiful daughter was born. Seeing my baby girl so innocent and pure, I felt that I couldn't continue as I had been, drinking too much. She deserved better from me. So one night I sat on the sofa telling my wife that I couldn’t go on as I was. I also was suffering from a social disorder. At work I had to fix things with people watching me and it was very hard on me to deal with. So knowing I couldn’t go on as I was, I considered my options. Suicide was one and I rejected it. Then I thought, “maybe God?"

In that instant I was transported to an other-worldly place. I was standing next to a guide or someone in authority. We were on a raised platform of some sort over-looking a large crowd of people who were all white with white robes. Around us were clouds and there were pillars made from marble, but I couldn’t see a top to this place. It was like floating in space.

The thousands of beings were welcoming me with the purest love I've ever felt. It was implanted in me that these were the souls of departed servants of God. Instantly from there I was transported to outer space with a view of the earth. I could suddenly feel the people of earth as if I was connected to each one in some way. The overall feelings I got were of suffering. The people were suffering from hunger, and mistreatment, and extreme poverty. I was told that they suffer because people do not love one another and care for each other. I asked why he didn't just tell them to love each other. He said into my mind telepathically that he has told them but that they refuse to listen.

Then I was instantly back on the couch with my wife and I was crying so hard that she thought I was having a breakdown. It was the pure simplicity of the answer he gave that struck me to my soul.

It was hard for me to continue in my life after this encounter and I prayed that God would let me come back to him as this life was too hard. After a time, I started to assimilate back into society, but I had changed. I stopped drinking and smoking and started to focus on my family more. After many years I have come to realize the full meaning of my encounter. That each one of us must care and love those we can, and if enough do this the world will become a much better and happier place.

I hope that my story will help people to see the bigger picture. Thank you...love.


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