NDE-Like Accounts

Overwhelming Sense of Love and Communing with Trees OOB

In 1994 was attending graduate school in Spokane WA, in a Counseling and Guidance Program.  I was on my way to class and driving across a large field near my home. 

I was dealing with some personal issues (I do not remember what) and was in deep thought...a meditative state, I say, and in prayer when I found myself suddenly above my car looking down at it.  I remember watching it turn a corner following the road.  I was unsure whose car it was, but also somehow understood it was mine.  I felt an overwhelming sense of love...so much love that thinking of it now still makes me tear up.  I have longed for it ever since. 

I was the same height as the top of the very tall pine trees in the area and they were communicating with me.  They knew me, they were happy to see me.  It all seemed very normal at the time.  I thought of my two daughters, but was strangely unconcerned, as though I knew they were all right and that I needn't be concerned. 

I looked back down at the car and recognized it was mine and suddenly I was back in my body.  I hated it.  I felt literally stuffed into it.  I hated the feeling and I remember feeling literally trapped.  I felt how the car rolled along on the surface of the earth and it felt profoundly wrong to me...to be "stuck" to the earth.  It took probably a minute for me to begin to feel normal again in my car but it seemed a long one minute.

I tried to tell my family and although they listened and positively responded...I knew they just didn't get it.  I carried the experience close to my heart for a long time.  The overwhelming sense of unconditional love...I have never gotten over.  It motivates me to listen to others tell of their stories of NDEs.  I have not submitted my experience before because it was not a near death experience, but only an out of body experience.  It is still with me though.  I don't tell anyone about it now…they just stare and become uncomfortable.  No matter... it meant much to me and I long to return to the love I felt and believe that when I die I will once again be immersed in it. 


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