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Visitation dream conveys pride from deceased father

I grew up with my good friend, Charlie Smith. I’ve known Charlie for 40 years.

Charlie’s father, Mr. Smith, was very critical of his only son Charlie. In all the time I’ve known Charlie I’ve never seen Mr. Smith give Charlie any kind of compliment or encouragement. Whatever Charlie did was never good enough for his father. Charlie’s father is now deceased.

Most of my life I’ve had the pleasure of seeing dead people in my dreams. Usually I see relatives, but once in a while I’ll see someone not related by blood, which is the case here.

A few months ago I went to sleep and started dreaming. It started out as a usual dream and quickly changed to a visitation. I was dreaming I was riding a quad, or a four wheeled dirt bike, with a group of people I didn’t know. While riding, I realized I was dreaming. I was like, “Oh, I’m dreaming, but fully conscious.” I thought, “Wow, this is so cool!” I was fully aware my body was sleeping somewhere other than the place I was.

While riding this four wheeler I decided to have a look around the place I was in. I noticed a hill to my left and knew I had to go up there and so I did. When I got to the top of the hill I saw two people standing there, a man and a woman. I immediately knew they were both deceased. At this point I knew this was a visitation and knew I had to pursue it further. Unlike all my previous visitations with dead people I couldn’t see them directly. Imagine you’re talking to someone while looking at their feet. You can see them but you may not necessarily know who they are at first. This was the case here.

I was thinking who they could be and as that thought camel screen came up in front of me. A pair of bifocal glasses came up on this screen. They were a very specific pair of glasses that Mr. Smith wore. And then, with a flash, a red Porsche 911 from the early 1970’s appeared on the screen. The car belonged to Mr. Smith as well. So now I know that Mr. Smith is here. I wondered who the woman was. At first I thought it was Charlie’s mother but quickly dismissed that thought as I knew Mrs. Smith is still alive. I was confused. Just then the mysterious woman with Mr. Smith tells me, “Twenty years older.” My next thought was, “Why are we here?” Mr. Smith projected his thoughts into my head directly: “Tell my son I’m very proud of the man he has become today.” And with that it was over.

This dream happened on a Wednesday night. Thursday morning I had a strong urge to call Charlie and tell him what I saw. However, Charlie is a skeptic when it comes to anything like this so I was reluctant to call. All day and night Thursday I felt like I was being pushed to call Charlie. Thursday night came and so I texted Charlie to say I saw his dad. No response. He must be sleeping. 

Friday morning came and Charlie called me. “So you saw my dad, huh?” I was still hesitant but admitted I had. “What did he say?” Charlie replied enthusiastically. I told him what I saw in detail.  Charlie again asked, “Please, did he say anything?” So I told him his father said to say he was very proud of the man his son is today.

Charlie was shocked. “You’ve got to be kidding me! Two days ago (Wednesday), I was driving in my truck and wondered if my father knew what I was doing with my life and if he was proud of me. You don’t understand. All my life I’ve been waiting to hear my dad say he was proud of me!” 

I asked who the woman could be. “My dad’s mother committed suicide a week after he was born. His sister raised him, and she was 20 years older than my dad and she’s also deceased. 

I’m still amazed when I see dead people in my sleep. This was the first time spirit used symbols to communicate and the first time I received a message for someone other than myself. I remain humble and feel blessed to pass on such a message for someone who needed it so badly.


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