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T11 Personal and Professional Reflections on the NDE


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Personal and Professional Reflections on the NDE
Ginette Nachman, MD, PhD

Ginette Nachman's presentation will focus on the personal impact of NDE accounts, the importance of education of healthcare professionals working with patients who have had NDEs, and what the NDE tells us about the nature of human consciousness. Regardless of what one believes the NDE represents, people who have them are profoundly transformed and would benefit by being able to discuss these experiences with their healthcare providers. Many patients have reported feeling they could not discuss these experiences with others for fear of being considered “crazy.” Ginette will include a brief review of theories offered to explain NDEs, and the conclusion that whatever the ultimate explanation ends up being, it will still need to account for the fact that during NDEs people have access to information that could only be obtained non-locally (seeing/hearing things in other locations while out of their body, receiving information about future events, etc.) Furthermore, many NDErs continue to exhibit the ability to access information non-locally after the NDE has ended (increased psychic functioning: healing abilities).

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