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T7 NDE... Is the Message for the Experiencer or Us All?


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Near Death Experience... Is the Message for the Experiencer or Us All?
Jeff Long, MD & Jody Long, JD

After reviewing over 500 near death experiences (NDEs), Jeff and Jody believe that NDE contains meaning and a message for both the experiencer and non-experiencer. To study this, they created a web-based survey. NDErs were asked, "Were one or several parts of the experience especially meaningful or significant to you?" NDErs responses were analyzed to help determine what NDErs themselves consider to be the most meaningful part of their experiences. Responses to the survey regarding a number of NDE elements and aftereffects were also reviewed with attention to the meaning and message of NDE for us all. One part of the review (Jeffrey Long, M.D.) will be performed from the perspective of a physician with regard to elements of the NDE that are medically inexplicable and what lessons we all might learn from the study of a large number of NDEs. The other part of the review (Jody Long, J.D.) will look at the subjective transcendence, religiosity components of transformation, the spiritually transformative effect of the NDE, and its global implications. www.nderf.org

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