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F2 The NDE as a Channel to Higher Truths


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The NDE as a Channel to Higher Truths
Barbara Rommer, M.D.

The majority of near-death experiencers ultimately affirm the inter-connection of us all with each other and with that highest energy source. Most NDErs also confirm that the living, loving, bright, white light is a representation or extension of The Creator, and that The Creator radiates unconditional love and acceptance, forgiveness and nonjudgment. Many NDEs suggest the validity of other higher truths such as reincarnation, and the fact that all knowledge is available to us and most probably is already known on a soul level. Many experiencers report being taken to classrooms and libraries in the other dimensions to learn. Some persons have been shown that although our earthly future is known in the already mapped perfect plan, our free will may certainly amend the direction. Also, although our astral bodies are perfect, our physical bodies are less than perfect, but certainly may be healed during an NDE.

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