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W5 Death Is an Illusion


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Death Is an Illusion
Else Byskov, M.A.

The work of the Danish mystic Martinus (1890-1981) substantiates what happens during an NDE. As human consciousness consists of electromagnetic rays (ray-formed, non-physical matter) and as this type of matter is indestructible, the human consciousness survives physical death. Ray-formed matter is measurable and contains not only consciousness, but also the life-force of the being (hence the flat line when the life force leaves the body). The ray-formed matter constitutes a field of energy and this field contains the self or "I". The physical body is only the instrument of the "I" and the brain is the plug through which the energy field electrifies the body. We are essentially the same whether we have a physical body or not, as the core of our being consists of another type of matter than physical matter. Death is an illusion.

Ms. Byskov obtained her MA and BA from the University of Aarhus, Denmark. She has completed extensive research of the Danish mystic Martinus (1890-1981). Her book "Death is an Illusion", publishing the main points of Martinus holistic worldview. Ms. Byskov lectures locally about the fascinating insight revealed by this extraordinary spiritual teacher.

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