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Robert & Suzanne Mays - NDEs: Elucidating True Nature of Reality


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Near-Death Experiences: Elucidating The True Nature Of Reality

Near-death experiences (NDEs) imply that there is a transmaterial, transcendent aspect to human beings. NDErs report hyperreal experiences of both the physical realm and a transcendent realm. In both realms, NDErs report obtaining veridical information that would be impossible through ordinary physical senses and report encounters with deceased persons and spiritual beings. NDErs frequently describe a transition between the two realms. We propose that the physical and the transcendent or spiritual realms are both real. From NDE evidence, the transcendent realm interpenetrates and is coextensive with the physical realm and is more fundamental than the physical–it is a “fifth dimension” of reality. Human beings are transcendent, spiritual beings united with a physical-energetic bodily sheath. There is confirmatory evidence of this view from such death-related phenomena as veridical shared death experiences, veridical after-death communications, veridical mediumship communications and verified cases of reincarnation memories. Other theories of consciousness proposing that transcendent phenomena derive from nonlocal, quantum-level physical phenomena fail to explain the NDE phenomena fully, in particular NDErs’ experience as an individuated spiritual being encountering other individuated spiritual beings. This view helps elucidate ultimate questions: Who am I? What is the purpose of physical life? Why does a loving God allow suffering and evil to exist?

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