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Valarie Varan - Quantum Nature Of Healing Light And Love


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The Quantum Nature Of Healing Light And Love: How Quantum Physics And Psychology Affirm The NDE/STE

Those who have had NDEs/STEs are often left feeling conflicted within, because our shifted worldview is so dramatically different from most others. As a result, we struggle to live from our highest consciousness values and seek validation for our new worldview. We know we are not “crazy”. We do need a scientific language to talk about our experiences, and about our new purpose to radiate unconditional love and light. Quantum physics does give us this language, and helps us understand the nature of light, both “local and nonlocal”, and how it heals. It also gives us a clue as to the physics of love as cohering energy. Quantum psychology gives us an integrative map of the many levels of consciousness to which we have access, and can help us learn to shift at will from lower “local” levels, to higher more collective and “nonlocal” levels related to Law of Attraction. Come learn how the nature of light relates to love, levels of consciousness, and healing; gain a vocabulary and map for processing about NDEs/STEs in healthcare settings; find out the 8 categories of struggle most common to experiencers, and how you can help (rather than harm) as a healthcare provider.

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