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Bo BillupsNDE Panel: Bo Billups – Integrating the Spiritual Lessons of the NDE

For people of faith – or no faith – integrating the spiritual life lessons of the Near-Death Experience (NDE) into our understanding of consciousness can lead to a life of greater happiness and well-being. The spiritual implications of the NDE can challenge both the NDEr and the non-NDEr to think outside the boxes of limiting faith traditions that focus on divisions (the “us and “them” mentality) or the limits of a strictly materialist perspective. As an example, the speaker will share his own faith journey, a transition aided by academic perspectives on Jesus and the early Church. The speaker respects all personal beliefs and believes no one religion has a monopoly on truth. The spiritual aspects of the NDE can help in our journey; case studies will help outline these lessons.

Peter PanagoreNDE Panel: Peter Panagore - Heaven is Beautiful: How Dying Taught me that Death is Just the Beginning

I am a United Church of Christ minister. I offer a harrowing account of my near-death experience when I was a young man in 1980 on an ice-climbing adventure in Alberta, Canada. Along with a more experienced climber, I set out on a trip that took us to Lower Weeping Wall, where we two mountaineers found ourselves trapped as we descended the face of the frigid mountain wall. After our rope became snagged and we were overcome by hypothermia, frostbite, and exhaustion, I lost consciousness, my body shut down, and I died. What happened on the other side of death changed my life, resulting in my pursuit of a master’s degree focusing on systematic theology and Christian mysticism from Yale, a complement to my English BA from U of Mass. Feelings of overwhelming love, forgiveness, and caring-but also of shouldering the burdens of others who I hurt during my lifetime on Earth-met me on the other side; I encountered God. I have spent my life in pursuit of the Pursuer as a mindfulness/Centering Prayer practitioner, old yogi, community pastor and storytelling host of a TV morning show that reaches 50,000 viewers a day in Maine and New Hampshire. Visit his website

Paul CulbertsonNDE Panel: Paul Culbertson – Journey To The Other Side

I would simply like to tell of my NDE experience, which took place nearly thirty years ago. However, I’ve only recently begun to be open about this. This NDE was extremely visceral and powerful. It has been my experience that when there are people with open hearts listening to me tell this story, that something very powerful can happen. I feel a power within myself, and when I feel that power – I know that someone is being touched and moved (I’ve received confirmation of this). This is the energy I am seeking, for myself, and for my purpose. So that this hardship (the aftereffects) would eventually be for something. To stir people, and hopefully, that this love that I felt in Heaven will be transmitted through the telling of the experience. Visit his website

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