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Audio 2016 MP3 set


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Audio MP3 set (39 Presentations).

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List of Speakers and Abstracts

  • Laurin Bellg - Near-Death Experiences in the ICU
  • Anita Moorjani - Embracing the Gift of Life
  • Jeff Olsen - Exploring Spiritual Gifts in the Aftermath of an NDE
  • Suzanne Giesemann - Adventures in Consciousness: To What End?
  • Alan Hugenot - Nature of Consciousness, the Science of Survival and Mediumship
  • Bill and Christopher Guggenheim - The After Death Communication Course
  • Charlotte Martial - Characteristics of NDE Memories and Personal Changes After NDEs
  • Christophor Coppes – Please, Don’t Turn NDEs into a New Religion
  • Diane Corcoran - NDEs and Veterans: Video Trailer and Discussion
  • ECM101 - Spanish Language Introduction to NDEs
  • Gregory Shushan – Near-Death Experience and the Origins of Afterlife Beliefs
  • Mark Pitstick - Ten Keys for NDErs and Their Support Team to Integrate STEs into Everyday Life
  • Nancy Baumgarten - How Do You Explain Your Spiritually Transformative Experiences?
  • Nancy Rynes - Awakening to Life
  • NDEr Panel - Ana Gonzalez and Bernd Boettger
  • PMH Atwater – Aftereffects: The Real Story
  • Rebecca Valla - Self Love is Not Selfish: What’s the Difference and Why Does It Matter?
  • Rich Martini - Near Life Experiences: How Examining NDE Cases Give Insights into Having More Fun
  • Robert and Suzanne Mays - Unraveling Mystery of Memory: EEG Evidence from NDErs
  • Robert Pease - Shine Your Life Presenting Your Story Effectively from Stage
  • Rudolf Smit - The Self Does Not Die: 104 Cases of Verified Paranormal Phenomena from NDEs
  • Tibor Putnoki - 9 Minutes: My Path to the Light
  • Angie Fenimore - Beyond the Darkness
  • Carolyn Matthews – How Healing Professions Can Enable the NDEr’s Path to Inner Healing and Fulfillment
  • Dan Punzak - How the Multiple Spirit Concept of Humanity Can Explain NDEs
  • Diana DiFranco – The Clinical Approaches to the NDEr, the Aftereffects and Challenges
  • Geralyn Cappabianca - Life Review: The Spiritual Timeline
  • Julijan Naskov and Igor Poje - Quality of Death in Life
  • Krista Gorman and Ainsley Threadgold - The NDE: Aftereffects, Integration and Assimilation
  • Linju Alias - NDEs of Cardiac Arrest Survivors in India: A Phenomenological Study
  • Marjorie Woollacott - Exploring Meditation after NDEs: Returning to the NDE Experience
  • Mary Holtschneider - Saved by Those You Trained
  • NDEr Panel - Bo Billups, Paul Culbertson and Peter Panagore
  • Neil Helm - Effects of NDEs on Religious Beliefs and Values
  • Rebecca Valla & Jan Holden - Working with NDErs & Other Potentially Spiritually Transformative Experiencers: A Primer for Health Professionals (IANDS & ACISTE)
  • Rich Martini - Architecture of the Afterlife
  • Robert Kopecky - How to Survive Life (& Death): My 3 Different Types of NDEs & What We Can Learn from Them
  • Robert Scott Bell - From Heaven to Broadcasting: Interview with NDEr Tamara Richardson
  • Robin Aisha Landsong - Called Back by the Song of an African Tribal Woman

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