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Audio-8 Wegner & Kinman - Group Discussion: Our Life's Purpose


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Group Discussion

William-Thomas WegnerWilliam-Thomas Wegner - My Spiritual Contract: Courage is but a part

In my 4th NDE during 1971 (age 23) I was told, "You just don't get it! You each have a Spiritual Contract and YOU are not coming Home until you have done more work on yours." As I passed through what I entitle the Veil of Forgetfulness as my body was snapped back to life at the end of that NDE, the only thing that I could remember of the multitude of things I learned as part of my Spiritual Contract during this incarnation was that courage was an important aspect. Over the years since my 4th NDE I have found the courage to step into my own life and not live the energetic patterns of others, be they: my parental modeling, those with whom I have had relationships, my enculturation or my own past trauma(s). I subsequently had some insights about how many more metaphors existed in what I remembered from my 4th NDE that heretofore were not subjectively obvious to me. Of most importance: "Patience is a virtue!" as I am ending my 40 years in the Wilderness.

Raymond Kinman Raymond Kinman - The Ultimate Gift: Living one's purpose

As a result of a profound Near Death Experience at nine years old and a devout Catholic, I was coached by my Parish priest that since I had not seen Jesus, the entire experience was probably a trick of Satan. I would like to present my Near Death Experience in detail and the life story of the resulting 45 years of guilt and non-integration which eventuated in some rather psychological trauma. My story of learning to process such a radical spiritual experience has resulted in penetrating healing and a sense of purpose... offering hope for others to realize their ultimate worth by Loving others.

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