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DVD 9 - Ellyn Dye - Creating Heaven from Hell


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Ellyn Dye - Creating Heaven from Hell: What NDEs, astrology, ancient wisdom and metaphysics reveal about creating Heaven on earth, one soul at a time

May you live in interesting times is an ancient Chinese curse. And from every standpoint, 2012 is proving to be interesting. But is it a curse... or a blessing? Are we speeding toward global destruction and the end of the world, as some predict... or just the end of the world as we know it, as humanity undergoes the Great Shift in Consciousness? What does it all mean, and what do NDEs reveal about where humanity is heading? Many NDE visions of the future provide a glimpse of a Golden Age, but how can we get there from where we are now-how can we turn things around from what appears to be the Hell on Earth that we have collectively created and, instead, start creating Heaven on Earth?
. 2012 is a transformational pivot-point for humanity-a point of choice that only presents itself every 26,000 years. NDE experiencers can help ease the anxiety of dramatic and seemingly chaotic change. From the vision and research of one NDE experiencer, find out what each one of us-whether we've had an NDE or not-can do in our own lives to thrive during these chaotic times and help bring Heaven to Earth now.

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