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DVD 6 - Maxey, Hudler, White, Jacoby - Perspectives from NDErs


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Panel: Perspectives from experiencers, science & spirituality - Visions

Graham MaxeyGraham Maxey - The Five (or Six) Great Things Impacting the Future Anyone Can Get From Listening to the Dead, or Those Who Nearly Died: The mental health of after death communication

Our future, and present, depend mainly on who we think we are as human beings, and what we do as a result of those beliefs. NDEs, spontaneous After-Death Communications, Induced After-Death Communication Therapy, and reputable mediumship all confirm consistent realities that have potentially positive transformative effects on how we live now and in the future. Anyone can incorporate these findings through behavioral and cognitive changes. These realities stand on their own as promoting good mental health, and wholesome spirituality, and can be brought to non experiencers through a variety of therapeutic means and practices. Potentially positive transformative effects on how we live now and in the future. Anyone can incorporate these findings through behavioral and cognitive changes.

Nancy HudlerNancy Best Hudler - Stepping Upon the Rainbow Bridge Now: Embodying the gifts of NDE's and other Visionary experiences

As human beings it appears that we are living in a world of separation from Self and those we perceive as other; thus, we find ourselves perched on the edge of a chasm, our Hearts longing for REUNION with our own True Nature, as well as with those we love that seem to be lost on "the other side." The visionary components of the NDE and other related experiences offer us a key, a map, a light illuminating our way out of the shadows of our illusions and into REUNION with our Natural State of Being and with one another-into a way of being that is resonant with the deeper Knowing of the Heart and a return to Our Native Oneness. Therefore, NDE's are far more than profound spiritual experiences that provide evidence that life continues on; moreover, they inform us about Our True Nature, inviting us to take the next step-the step into a new way of being, right HERE and right NOW--offering each one of us a template for embodying a new paradigm and thus being the BRIDGE HOME NOW.

Judith WhiteJudith White - Are We Open and Feel the Unseen Surrounding Love that Holds Us All Together

Spiritual guides and often deceased loved ones as well are with us always . . . help is always available; we need to ask the questions. Information is presented to us through dreams, books, heart-insights, other people, nature, events and coincidences.

Mark Jacoby - Scoffing Skeptic to Humble Observer-Random NDE after effects

A wide range of phenomena is commonly reported by NDE Survivors in varying degrees following their experience. Some of these include abilities or knowledge of events seemingly impossible to access through normally accepted sensory mechanisms. This discussion will center around one somewhat scientifically oriented and Skeptical NDE survivor's real world experiences. Often the NDE survivor will be uncomfortable disclosing these experiences, and may struggle with the nature of their repeated occurrence in their life. These concerns and others surrounding often controversial topics will be presented in a fun and interesting way.

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