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Near-Death Experiencer Panel - Larkin & Macartney


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Near-Death Experiencer Panel #1

Terry Larkin: Wake Up and Live in Greatness! Terry offers insights to audiences through her understanding of how Near-Death Experiences can shape a healthy and happy authentic life, or one filled with anxiety. Terry uses her own 1982 death experience to share with others her momentous journey to awaken consciously. Her spiritually transformative path guided her desperate search for answers. A natural teacher of 30 years and her sense of humor help audiences feel comfortable with their own spiritual journey. Researching in the areas of science, brain research, and natural healing modalities, Terry relates her serious health problems that began plaguing her in 2006. She shows how she was able to revisit her NDE “healing” message, combine researched knowledge, and bring herself to quality health today.Terry’s life led her to many fascinating cultural and mystical experiences as she led environmental workshops for middle and high school students into the Amazon Basin of Peru, hiking the Inca Trail, and exploring the varied eco-systems in Costa Rica and Kenya. She uses these stories creatively to help others process their own experiences. Her messages share our oneness, navigating life, and helping one another. She offers practical techniques to help others grow in health through her hands-on workshops.

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Jim Macartney: New Creations in the Wake of Sudden Death Experiences: Crisis and chaos of any kind threaten our notion of a reality that can be somehow understood and controlled, leaving uncertainty as the pervasive predicament of life. This panel examines how integration of NDEs and STEs opens the door for experiencers to physically heal and profound new insights— revealing treasures that anyone can use to realize higher levels of wellbeing, regardless of circumstance.  A portion of Jim’s NDE in 1997 of merging toward total unity is used to outline of the cycle of crisis, chaos and creation. Medicine currently is challenged to expand their horizons to harness the power latent in chaos that opens one to unlimited opportunity: highly creative people consciously employ the same creation cycle as people in deep crisis who finally surrender.

In 1997, damaged brains were considered to be untreatable. Subsequent to his second sudden death and severe stroke in 2012, a time when medicine acknowledged brains do have limited capacity to change, Jim is writing an intuitively derived map of the universe arising from consciousness that can be scientifically verified: To be presented separately from the panel.

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