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NDEr Panel - Robinson Garr Cooper


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Near-Death Experiencer Panel #1

A poem about my drowning at age 5, “The Pond” (NDE/OBE), followed by Poems about NDE Aftereffects and Spiritually Transformative Experiences of a child NDEr,( me): “The Will of a Wildflower” (STE), “Catching a Ride (OBE/STE)” and “The Hill”(Healing). Then a poem about my adult NDE “The Twins”. Also pictures I took on my cell phone the morning I finished my Autobiography, The Will of a Wildflower, that shows a sun beam of light that came in on me, with tiny particles of colorful lights like confetti, floating in it, with a huge flower around the center of the sun beam. A few days later it happened again, at the same spot, so I made a video of it. Also speaking about feeling led after the adult NDE, that resulted in saving 2 children, one from drowning, one from choking, and feeling led again that resulted in finding a car crash with 4 men hanging on to life. Also, a week before the adult NDE, saving my own child through prayer, he was drowning, and heard me praying, as his father searched for him. He heard me tell him to calm down, stand up and walk out of there, so he did. My mind’s eye could see what happened to him, that caused his brother to start screaming for me.

Lisa Garr’s NDE journey not only led her to a higher consciousness, but to a career that includes her local KPFK radio program, The Aware Show, and her book, Becoming Aware, in which she examines how an accident (brain damage sustained from losing control of her bike during a race in 100°F heat) shifted her outlook on life and the world. “One minute, I was on my bike,” she recalls, “and the next, I was at the bottom of the hill looking up at my bike. As I tried to climb the hill, I kept losing my balance and then I found myself drifting. It was at that moment that I experienced one of the most incredible states of consciousness in my life. I found myself instantly out of pain and not in my body. I was not aware of the physical presence of my body, of the physical containment of the body. I felt the greatest sense of expansion—no limitations, everything was seamless.”

It took several years for Garr to regain the power of speech she’d lost and to fully recover. During the process she regained consciousness intermittently, and felt she wanted to get back to, “this place of space, expansion, and harmony.” The higher state of consciousness she experienced propelled a quest to learn more about the mind’s inner workings. “While I was healing, I found myself consuming new information about how the brain works like candy,” she says, when discussing how she came to write the book. “I wanted to explore how we can learn to expand the mind and open that space to greater possibilities. The brain can be used to heal, by getting negative thinking under control.”

I will provide a lecture that encapsulates my profound near death experience that occurred over 20 years ago when I was five years old. Together I and the participants will take a journey to the other side. I will get into my descriptive of the other side what I saw, how it happened, how I felt. I will then take those on a journey to what life has been like since having my NDE and how it has changed me. I will then provide lessons from the other side what one can really learn from it.


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