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Physically Impossible Penetrations During NDEs: A Hyperspatial Analysis
F. Gordon Greene

This presentation concentrates on analyzing two visionary sensations experienced during near-death experiences (NDEs) and on finding the most suitable explanation to account for these effects: 1) sensations of seeing through ordinarily opaque and presumably solid physical obstructions and 2) sensations of passing through such obstructions. A hyperspatial explanation is favored over two other explanatory models. The first of these other models is the simple out-of-body (OBE) explanation supposing that some aspect of human nature actually separates from the physical body; the second is the brain-generated hallucinatory model supposing that NDEs are entirely brain dependent. The OBE explanation is dismissed because 15 years of parapsychological research have failed to confirm the existence of an OBE component to human nature. The brain-generated hallucinatory model is dismissed because this approach cannot account for the reported paranormal accompaniments to NDEs. In the hyperspatial model, sensations of seeing and passing through physical obstructions presumably become possible when human awareness begins to function within a fractally-dimensioned body possessing more than three but less than four dimensions. Those who occupy this posited body presumably are able to perceive our world from without and to move in fractally dimensioned increments through a spatially more comprehensive reality level existing outside of and at right angles to our three-dimensional world.

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