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Corroborative NDE Research: What We've Learned and Where We're Going
This is is the first tape of a 2 tape set
Bruce Greyson, M.D., Janice Holden, Ed.D., & Jeff Long, M.D.

Corroborative NDErs appear to perceive accurately from a vantage point outside their physical bodies earthly events imperceptible from the vantage point of their physical bodies and otherwise unknowable to them. Corroborative NDEs hold great promise for providing evidence that NDEs are "real" and that consciousness is more than a product of brain activity. The presenters will review the professional literature about corroborative NDEs; will report the results of a current, large-scale study of self-reported corroborative NDErs; will describe a planned experimental study of corroborative NDEs in the hospital setting involving computer animations; and will seek feedback from participants and answer their questions. NDErs who have had corroborative NDEs are especially invited to attend, as is anyone interested in the topic.

Bruce Greyson has served as an Attending Psychiatrist in various health care facilities since 1976, and as professor of psychiatry at numerous universities. He has presented at Regional and National conferences, is a member of numerous professional societies, and has been the principal investigator for several research studies. He currently serves as editor of The Journal of Near-Death Studies and has published extensively in professional journals.

Janice Holden has an Ed.D. in Counselor Education. Her areas of expertise are transpersonal perspectives on counseling, counseling theory and technique, couples counseling and sexual dysfunction therapy, dream work in counseling, and secondary school counseling. She is an active member in several national and international professional organizations. She has published numerous articles, book chapters and books.

Jeffery Long earned his medical degree in 1981. He is board certified by the American College of Radiology, Therapeutic Radiology. He is currently Co-Medical Director of the MultiCare Radiation Oncology department at Tacoma General Hospital. Dr. Long has published numerous articles in professional journals.

This presentation is covered by 2 tape recordings

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