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Parallels Between NDEs & the Life of the Soul Before Entering the Mother's Womb: Ancient & Contemporary Cases
Elizabeth Carman & Neil Carman, Ph.D.

Who are we? Where do our souls come from? Why do we journey here? What is the relationship between NDEs and the soul's superphysical life (prior to biological conception)? Are they the same or do they just appear to be the same?

Since 1989, the Carmans have been investigating cross-cultural reports (ancient and modern) of the soul's pre-life experience (PLE) in a superphysical world leading up to earthly existence. The Carmans will discuss evidence from contemporary interviewees who report life long memories of the pre-uterine world (no hypnosis) as well as from information collected from philosophy, religion, and indigenous peoples.

The element of reluctance/surrender exemplifies one similarity between NDEs and PLEs. Glen, one interviewee, encountered a NDE during surgery. He recalls "Once I floated outside my body, all my earthly possessions meant less to me than a burnt cigarette." Glen finally agreed to return to Earth: "I met my deceased son on the other side and he asked me to take care of the two children his death had left behind. Besides that, I knew I would experience that Peace again someday."

Reluctance/surrender plays a similar role in the cosmic flight of the soul to Earth. The Jewish Kabbalah, for instance, teaches that God commands a particular soul: "Descend to a certain place and enter that sperm." The soul pleads: "Master of the Universe, why must I, who am holy and pure and a part of Thy glory, enter an impure sperm? I am pleased with the Paradise I live in. I do not wish to be enslaved and corrupted." God convinces the soul, "You were created to experience human life. You have received certain gifts in order to carry out a role in the Divine plan.

The Carmans present parallels between NDE consciousness and PLE consciousness, the NDE life review and the PLE life preview, as well as the ascent up the "tunnel of light" versus the descent.

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