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Audio-p-30 - Moderator: Debbie James - Experiencer Panel 2


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Moderator: Debbie James - Experiencer Panel 2

Judith WhiteJudith White - Exploring the sacredness and divineness of you

We are brilliant, peaceful, tender, divine beings wearing the physical garment called the human body. This presentation will share personal NDE experiences, the various 'environments' I traveled through, the types of beings that were encountered, and the various forms of knowledge/understandings that I felt by being there. I was taught that this knowingness of these pure, beautiful realms or dimensions, can be accessed through our own body's internal expansion, by realizing and feeling who we truly are. Through moments of mental silence we can feel our/the peace; peace is a universal quality with no personal identity. We are more like a spacious, aware energy/frequency that contains the physical body, holding all events within, and yet is not the event itself. We have come into the material world to play, to create stories that can be acted out and lived through. Our lives are recreational experiments. If we live through fear, our stories seem to control us. If we feel our lovingness and who we truly are, earth feels like an expansive playground.

Tina AngeliTina Angeli - My NDE Trilogy

I will share a true story describing my three near death experiences. The story is presented in chronological order from the oldest to the newest. I provide insight into my life in Italy where I was born and raised. The first NDE was an emotional NDE. I communicate my environment, the characters in my life at the time and describe the affects on me and the development of new found gifts in the form of seeing, hearing and feeling psychic information. The presentation moves from Italy to Connecticut and goes on to describe my second NDE that was caused by a swimming accident which included a life review. I explain that I experienced the past, present and got a glimpse into the future. All of the visions were centered around my relationship with my husband at the time. The life review pointed out to me how I had been victimized and showed me what the future held for me if I kept on the same course. The third NDE occurred on January 5, 2012. I describe the car accident that precipitated the subsequent telepathic conversation I had with nine "light" beings after I stopped breathing.

Rajiv PartiRajiv Parti - My NDE and Spiritual Transformation

In 2008, as a busy practicing cardiac-anesthesiologist and Chief of Anesthesiology at Heart Hospital in Bakersfield, California and enjoying life with his family-everything was turned upside down following a diagnoses of prostate cancer. Enduring seven surgeries and ensuing complications over the next two years, Dr. Parti was gifted with a near death experience that showed him his true purpose in this lifetime. "Now it is time to be healer of the soul, especially of the diseases of soul, of the energy body, addiction, depression, chronic pain and cancer." The awareness that he was being given his life back specifically so that he could write and speak with the specific intent to help others suffering from chronic pain, addiction and depression profoundly changed Dr. Parti's entire outlook and propelled him to start writing and giving seminars on spiritual wellness.

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