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Audio-20 - Virginia Hummel - NDEs and the Orb Phenomenon


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Virginia Hummel - NDEs and the Orb Phenomenon: Shifting our perception of death and healing our grief

Brilliant balls of light or "orbs" are appearing with startling regularity in photographs around the world, as well as to the naked eye. We are now realizing that, in fact, many NDE's have been reported as involving "balls of light," either for how the near death experiencer’s see themselves or how they see others. Photographic evidence of orbs with human faces, along with an ability to appear upon request, present a strong argument that orbs can be a manifestation of our soul/consciousness energy. As the latest revelation of After Death Communication, orbs allow us to be proactive in healing our grief. A simple digital camera gives us an amazingly effective tool with which to visually communicate with loved ones and confirm their well-being as well as our own eternal natures. Most importantly, bereaved individuals have reported that the presence of orbs brings them peace, comfort and hope during the most challenging time of their lives. Dr. Eben Alexander, author of Proof of Heaven, a powerful best-selling book about a neurosurgeon's life-changing NDE, declares: "Orbs are the most readily accessible phenomena of the spiritual realm."

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