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Audio-p-1 Mod: Ann Ellis - Panel: The Message is All About Love


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Moderator: Ann Ellis - Panel: The Message is All About Love

Roland ComtoisRoland Comtois - The Healing Power of Eternal Love

My presentation focuses on after-life spiritual communications, grief counseling, and the healing power of eternal love. My knowledge about life, loss and love everlasting often manifest into personal messages intended for individuals who have come to experience healing words. Some of these messages are spontaneous, heart-to-soul communication between loved ones at a time when they are needed most. Others are prerecorded on the signature Purple Papers I carry with me to events, chronicling stories and shared moments that time has not diminished. Each is powerful and poignant testimony to the healing that occurs when conversations about loved ones continue even after they are gone. My talks offer invaluable guidance and teaching moments on how to process and move through grief. I share my own personal stories of losing friends and family members, advising audiences how to deal with the loss of a loved one before, during and after their passing. I am an ardent spokesman on the existence of heaven, having seen it through my own eyes and soul when I was granted access to the heavenly kingdom some 20 years ago, and experiencing it every day through messages and spiritual encounters I enjoy from departed souls who share their awe with me.

Johanna Crone-Ravestein - A personal story about loss and hope, grief and joy

This is a personal story. About the loss of my first husband through divorce after my second NDE while living in Washington DC 33 years ago. How PMH Atwater's book Back to Life saved me, by making me understand what happened. How I was saved by an angel when I had nearly lost my mind because I had become so open and vulnerable. About the beautiful message of the angel. How the NDE of my mother at 82 saved me when I lost the will to live because I felt alone and misunderstood. How it changed our relationship completely. How she appeared to me after her death and her messages. How Kenneth Ring helped me by explaining and knowing everything about kundalini-experiences, when I had no clue what happened to me. About the loss of my second husband, a great love, who was a sceptic professor of Ophthalmology when I met him but turned into a firm believer. He is often with me since he died a year and a half ago. It's about loss and hope, grief and joy. Does an NDE help to overcome grief? Yes, greatly, but we still have to go through the (e)motions.

Martha HarbisonMartha Harbison - Beyond Grief - Awakening To Our True Identity

Many people who lose loved ones get stuck in a cycle of grief that can last for the rest of their lives. But this need not be the case. Through the process of awakening to our true identity, we can stay connected with our "lost" loved ones moment by moment. For they are not the ones that are truly lost. They are actually found. It is we, living in this illusory3-D reality, who actually are the lost ones - for we have forgotten who we are. One does not have to have a near death experience to beginning this Self-remembering process. But by listening to and learning from near death experiencers, this journey back to Self is made more accessible. Ultimately, if pursued with consistency and sincerity this journey will lead to healing, hope and reunion with our beloveds..

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