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Guest Speaker - Kiki Corbin


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Tuesday, Jul 16 -- featured speaker/topic - Kiki Corbin, experiencer, has no fear of death whatsoever. In fact, she says enthusiastically, "I can't wait! To me, dying is great." It's not that she doesn't love this life, being a mother and grandmother. But Kiki has experienced the Other Side – not just from the three near-death experiences she had, but also through living on both sides simultaneously. For her, the experiences "split open" the divide that most people never realize exists. And, she says, "The veil between dimensions has never fully returned." In 1990, she died after falling from a horse and suffering severe brain injuries. In 2006, she was hit by a car and tossed 50 feet. And a couple of years later, she had a heart attack. On each occasion she met Jesus – a surprise to her in that she was very spiritual, but not religious. In her first NDE, Kiki had a life review, re-living parts of her life that had an underlying message. She saw how she had intervened in family arguments, taking sides, and "adding fuel to the fire." As she witnessed these events, she was asked by Jesus, 'How could you have been more loving?' "And I knew immediately I could have been a peacemaker." There was, however, no judgment. "The primary reason we take on a body is to learn how to become more loving," she says. "There's a level of ego that we all have that wants to punish somebody else, that wants to be superior to somebody else. Even if it's just an attitude."

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