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Guest Speaker - Prana Miller


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Tuesday, Dec 15 -- featured speaker/topic – Prana Miller died in a terrible motorcycle accident in 1979, when he was 17 years old. "I heard a voice say, 'Relax, be calm, all is well. All is proceeding perfectly according to plan.' An indescribable feeling of love, compassion, and well-being surrounded me, and I felt no fear. I floated out of my body and observed the scene. I could either touch things as if they were solid, or I could pass through them." Then Prana had a life review. "I saw myself as a spirit deciding which parents to have and every other detail of my pre-birth agreement. I saw every detail of my life beginning at conception right up until the moment of the crash. After that, the rest of my life became potential realities, with my pre-birth agreement being the blueprint to follow. The parts of the 'movie' where I had harmed others felt almost unbearable... At the same time it was all surrounded with unconditional love and forgiveness, because it was all about lessons and never about retribution." Then Prana learned the secrets of co-creation and the purpose of his life on earth. Ten years later, when he was 27, Prana drowned and had experiences that were as profound as the first time. He remembered his soul's purpose and the Cosmic Blueprint, and was introduced to the Five Laws of Creation. He chose to return to earth to fulfill his destiny and help others.

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