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Audio-27 Purcell - Detecting Consciousness Outside the Body


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Denis Purcell, MSEE - "Proposed Experiment to Detect One's Consciousness when it is Outside the Body"

There are many accounts of veridical perception from a standpoint outside the body during an OBE and/or NDE. Also, there are many photographs of “orbs: in association with possible discarnate consciousnesses. K. Osis and D. McCormick were able to detect deflection in strain gauges in the context of an OBE projection by Alex Tanous from Maine to New York City in 1980. These effects were measured with strain gauges surrounded by a Faraday Cage - indicating that the consciousness involved (i.e., that of Alex Tanous) was not electromagnetic in itself but rather produced kinetic effects from an associated EMF generated in the Cage. Other experiments in China and at SRI suggest that a photomultiplier tube can magnify small amounts of light given off by the presence of one's consciousness in a remote viewing context.

An experiment is proposed here in which the sensors of these two types are used in ICUs and any anomalous readings are correlated with EKG and EEG or other brain activity monitors (in the case of cardiac arrest). These signals can be processed by software in an attached computer to enhance signal strength over background noise. If reliable patterns emerge and are associated with the area(s) of a target or the surrounding environment, they can be imaged on a video display screen and compared with any subsequent account of an OBE and/or NDE related by the subject. These sensor readings may record an EMF which is correlated but not necessarily identical with one's consciousness at the time of the "projection".

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